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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 - Reported by Chuck Foster
After the last few days' media hype, the Bonhams Auction of Doctor Who prop and costumes finally took place today. As expected, of the 163 lots, the Daleks performed extremely well, with the MkI version from Remembrance of the Daleks fetching the best price of the auction at £20,400, with the Torchwood SUV second with a bid of £18,000. The other "Imperial" Dalek MkII reached £15,600. Of the Cybermen, one from The Five Doctors/Silver Nemesis fetched £9,600, with a destroyed one from The Five Doctors reaching £4,080.

Of the costumes, the Tenth Doctor costume from Voyage of the Damned fetched £5,040, whilst Astrid Peth's reached £3,120; Rose's costume from Rose achieved £1,020; the costume for the 'Next Doctor', Jackson Lake, reached £3,120.

Other items of interest include: a sarcophagus cover from Pyramids of Mars fetching £4,800; a Chancellery Guard uniform from The Deadly Assassin (as mentioned on The One Show) for £2,280; and the Malus from The Awakening at £3,000. The oldest prop from the series, the brontosaurus model from Invasion of the Dinosaurs, went for £1,320.

The cheapest item was a speaker from The Runaway Bride, which fetched £42.

You can view all of the props and their final bids below. The catalogue is currently available to see on the Bonhams website.

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