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Thursday, 9 July 2009 - Reported by Marcus

Torchwood: Children of Earth continued its strong run on BBC One, with part three watched by 5.9 million viewers, making it the the third most watched programme of the day. The share was 27.1%.

An average of 105,000 also watched the programme on BBC HD, with and additional 225,000 watching the late night repeat on BBC Three. If these figures are added to the BBC One showing, then the programme overtakes Emmerdale to become the second most watched of the day.

The Appreciation Index for Episode Two was an amazing 90. The Appreciation Index, or AI, is a measure of how much the audience liked the programme. It is a score out of 100, based on responses from a carefully selected panel. The average score for drama on BBC1 and ITV1 is 77. A score in excess of 80 is regarded as good, in excess of 85 is excellent and anything above 90 is outstanding. A score below 60 is poor.

Final figures will be available in two weeks time.

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