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Thursday, 26 February 2009 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The newest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue #104 comes with a bumper Cyber pack -- with two different Cyber sets to choose from. One set includes a sinister Cyberleader mask and the other includes a Cybershade mask as seen in the last Doctor Who special. Both come with two different sets of Cyber badges, two sticker sheets and a massive double-sided poster of Dalek creator Davros on one side and the Doctor and Donna on the other.

Also in the magazine is an interview with "the plucky girl who helped fight those Cyber terrors at Christmas -- actress Velile Tshabalala who played Rosita," as well as posters (a Clockwork Robot, Rosita, a deadly Dalek and a stomping Cyberman), news, a "little Bannakaffalatta for you to colour in," "part of our competition to win a bony Sycorax head, and loads of other goodies" plus other items. Doctor Who Adventures issue 104 is out now.