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Monday, 30 June 2008 - Reported by Anthony Weight

The latest issue of the BBC's Radio Times listings magazine, on sale across the UK from Tuesday, once again featuresDoctor Who as its cover story. The image - a larger version of which can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail picture at the bottom of this report - is a significant spoiler for the final two-part story of series four, so overseas readers should be aware, if they are avoiding spoilers, not to read on.

The cover is the 44th the Radio Times has granted Doctor Who in its long history, and the 7th this year alone, including the four alternative covers produced to tie in with the broadcast of "Partners in Crime". It comes only two weeks after the previous Radio Times cover feature, which tied in with Rose's return in the episode "Turn Left".

Featured within is an extensive article looking behind-the-scenes at the final episode of the series, "Journey's End". Interviewed are various members of the cast and crew, including actor Julian Bleach (Davros), who comments: "I knew this character, this Dalek world and everything from my childhood — that's so deep in my memory. But so strange as well, to be suddenly plunged into the middle of it." Russell T Davies says of the finale: "For all the spectacle, it's about character, in the end. It's an honour to write dialogue for David and Catherine – whether I'll ever get that chance again depends on what happens in this final episode."

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