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Friday, 28 March 2008 - Reported by Marcus
The schedule for BBC Four's tribute season to Verity Lambert has been revealed.

The evening of Saturday 5th April will look back at the work of Doctor Who's first producer and feature classic episodes from some of the major series for which she was responsible.

The first three episodes of the second Doctor Who story, The Daleks will be shown. Written by Terry Nation and directed by Christopher Barry andRichard Martin, the story was first shown in December 1963 and featured the debut of the Doctor's greatest foe.

The evening will feature a documentary, Verity Lambert: Drama Queen, in which friends and colleagues - including John Hurt, Alan Davies, Lynda La Plante and David Renwick - pay their respects to the woman who helped transform the face of popular television.

    BBC Four - Saturday 5th April 2008
  • 7.10pm The Naked Civil Servant
    Emmy award-winning film biography of Quentin Crisp
  • 8.30pm Doctor Who: The Dead Planet
  • 8.55pm Doctor Who: The Survivors
  • 9.20pm Doctor Who: The Escape
  • 9.50pm Verity Lambert: Drama Queen
    Tribute to the woman whose work ranged from the original Doctor Who to Jonathan Creek and included The Naked Civil Servant, Edward and Mrs Simpson, Minder, May To December and Eldorado.
  • 10.50pm Minder
    Senior Citizen Caine
  • 11.45pm Jonathan Creek
    The Scented Room

The season continues over the next week with the remaining four episodes of The Daleks as well as an episode of Adam Adamant Lives.
  • Monday 7th - 7.35 pm Doctor Who: The Ambush
  • Monday 7th - 11.20 pm The Cult of... Adam Adamant Lives!
  • Monday 7th - 11.50 pm Adam Adamant Lives
    A Vintage Year for Scoundrels
  • Tuesday 8th - 7.35 pm Doctor Who: The Expedition
  • Wednesday 9th - 7.25 pm Doctor Who: The Ordeal
  • Wednesday 9th - 7.55 pm Doctor Who: The Rescue

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