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Tuesday, 26 February 2008 - Reported by Marcus
This week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures looks at the heroes of Doctor Who. You can read about ten of the bravest people the Doctor has met. Everyone from Mickey Smith and Bannakaffalatta to Martha and Rose. But who do you think is the top hero?

There's also the chance to win tickets to a new London Doctor Who Exhibition in Earl's Court plus posters of Martha Jones, Sally Sparrow and a Weeping Angel and the Doctor and Astrid.

In "Tales from the TARDIS", Astrid saves the Earth but the Doctor loses a friend and "The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who" features The Rise of the Cybermen to The Satan Pit

The Quiz asks "what kind of hero are you?" and you can learn how to draw Bannakaffalatta the little red cyborg. The comic strip is "The Old Kings of Skarab" part 2.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 53, is out in the UK on Thursday 28 February.

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