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Monday, 28 January 2008 - Reported by Mike Doran
TSV, the fanzine of the New Zealand Doctor Who fan club celebrates 75 issues and 20 years of publication with an issue wrapped in full colour artwork by Alistair Hughes. Paul Scoones takes us through the making of the first issue in 1987. Jon Preddle delves in the history of Doctor Who broadcasting in Singapore, Chris Skerrow continues his journey through the BBC Past Doctor Adventures, and Edwin Patterson gives us a collector's guide to buying Who merchandise online. Meanwhile, Series 3 is reviewed by the TSV Review Panel while Adam McGechan (and friends!) makes a case for the series 3 story arc not being about Mr Saxon at all, but is actually based on the Hartnell adventure The Chase. 100 pages, colour cover, 20 years. To purchase a copy visitThe NZDWFC / TSV Webpage.

The latest issues of the Doctor Who Information Network's fanzine Enlightenment include issue 143, which looks at Doctor Who spin-offs with reviews of the first season of the Sarah Jane Adventures and the 10 commandments of making good Doctor Who spin-offs, plus reviews of Time Crashand Voyage of the Damned, a tribute to Verity Lambert, a survival guide for fan wives and more. Issue 142 looks travels back to 1977 with an assessment of a golden year in the classic series, reviews of The Robots of Death and Horror of Fang Rock, a look back at Philip Hinchcliffe, a review of the 1978 Dr Who annual and more! Both issues are available from the DWIN website.

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