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Saturday, 27 October 2007 - Reported by DWNP Archive

The latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out from the 25th October, features background on the Doctor and Donna's latest foe, the Sontarans.


Fact file - read about the Family of Blood's sinister straw army - the Scarecrows.
Tales from the TARDIS - it looks like curtains for Sally Sparrow as the Weeping Angels attack in Blink.
Comic strip - part two of Cold War. Will the Doctor be able to stop mad Mallingane's plan to melt the ice world of Isqar before Martha drowns?
Doctor’s Data - lots of scary facts on motorway monsters - the Macra. Snap!
Adventure guide / Doctor Who Confidential extra - the Doctor discovers the terrifying truth behind the Face of Boe’s prophesy in Utopia.
Posters - three exclusive posters of Luke, Clyde and a slimy Slitheen, the Cult of Skaro with their Pig Slaves, and Professor Yana and the Doctor.

The issue comes with a free gift of a scarecrow mask and talons.