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Monday, 11 June 2007 - Reported by Marcus
Episode ten, Blink, grabbed the attention of the British public, with an Appreciation Index, or AI, figure of 87. This is a considerable achievement for a programme which featured very little of the two main characters. Last year's Doctor-lite episode, Love and Monsters, scored 76. The figure is the joint second-best of series three, being beaten by the season opener Smith and Jones.

The AI figure was the joint-highest on Saturday night, along withCoast on BBC Two.

Of the audience, 82% said they made a special effort to watch, while an amazing 90% watched with a lot of attention. 63% said it felt original and different and 44% said it was a programme they intended to discuss with others.

With the full week's overnights now available, Doctor Who is currently the 18th most watched programme of the week.

The BBC Three audience on Sunday night was down to 0.68 million viewers. With a share of 4% this made it the second most watched programme on multichannel television, being beaten by The Simpsons on Sky one.