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Friday, 29 June 2007 - Reported by Jarrod Cooper
June 29, 2007 • Posted By Jarrod Cooper
In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Big Finish Productions has announced some of their upcoming releases.

There will be four more installments of the popular Companion Chronicles series, as was previously reported by Outpost Gallifrey. The series will include:

Mother Russia by Marc Platt features the 1st Doctor and Steven read by Peter Purves
Helicon Prime by Jack Elliott features the 2nd Doctor and Jamie read by Frazer Hines
Old Soldiers by James Swallow featuring the 3rd Doctor and the Brigadier read by Nicholas Courtney
The Catalyst by Nigel Fairs featuring the 4th Doctor and Leela read by Louise Jameson

Also announced are the titles of the second series of adventures for the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller.

Grand Theft Cosmos by Eddie Robson
Title TBA by Paul Magrs
The Skull of Sobek by Marc Platt
Max Warp by Jonathan Morris
Title TBC by Jonathan Clements
Kidnapped (Part 1) and Vengeance (Part 2) by Nick Briggs

Doctor Who Magazine also confirmed some cast changes that are coming at the end of the year, please click on theSPOILER tag below for more information.

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