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Wednesday, 20 December 2006 - Reported by Marcus
Final figures released by BARB for the week ending 10th December 2006, show that the BBC3 showing of episode 9, Random Shoes was watched by 1.08 million viewers. The programme was the highest rated on BBC3 for the week and had the fourth highest audience on all Multi Channel TV.

The same figures show that the previous week's episode, They Keep Killing Suzie was watched by 1.86m viewers on BBC2 and was the 30th highest rated programme on the channel for the week.

Meanwhile overnight figures show that the Tuesday evening showing of episode 10 Out of Time, was watched by 458,000 viewers, a 3.8% share of the audience. This is the highest rating Torchwood has achieved in this slot since the double episode launch. 46,000 stayed up to watch the programme at 0150 Wednesday morning.

More Appreciation figures are also available. The BBC3 Sunday showing of Episode 8, They Keep Killing Suzie scored85 and the BBC2 showing 82. Episode 9, Random Shoes got an AI of 83 on BBC3 and 78 on BBC2.