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Tuesday, 27 June 2006 - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Amazon.co.uk is listing four more books in the Doctor Who Files series from Penguin Character Books, as follows; all four books are currently scheduled for release on October 5. (The previous four books in the Doctor Who Files series, focusing on The Doctor, Rose, The Slitheen and The Sycorax, are all due out on August 31.) They are:
Doctor Who Files: Mickey - Find out all about Mickey, his friends and enemies, home life and space travels, then join him in a brand new adventure in "Taking Mickey".
Doctor Who Files: K9 - Find out all about K-9, his creation and history, his friends and enemies, then join him in a brand new adventure in "A Dog's Life".
Doctor Who Files: The Daleks - Find out all about the Daleks, their allies and enemies, home planet and technology, then join them in a brand new adventure in "Mission to Galacton".
Doctor Who Files: The Cybermen - Find out all about the Cybermen, their creator and enemies, their history and home planet. Then join one in a brand new adventure in "Going off the Rails".
Meanwhile, also due out from Penguin Character Books on October 5 is Doctor Who Quiz Book #2; the blurb says, "Test your knowledge of the Tenth Doctor's adventures with this comprehensive quiz book!" And joining it is the Doctor Who 3-D Model Making Kit, the details for which say, "Build your own fantastic paper models of the TARDIS, K-9, a Dalek and a Cyberman head, with this instruction book and press-out cards."

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