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Tuesday, 20 December 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon

A new trailer for The Christmas Invasion had a surprise airing on BBC One shortly before the 10 O'Clock News last night (Monday 19) and again at lunchtime today (Tuesday 20). Again lasting thirty seconds, it features a number of previously unseen clips, including Harriet Jones appealing on television for the Doctor's help, scenes of people in the streets apparently under the mental control of the invading force, a defiant Rose telling the Sycorax to "leave this planet in peace", and the pyjama-clad Doctor emerging from the TARDIS ("Did you miss me?") to confront the aliens. The trailer has yet to appear on the official website.

Monday night's Wales Today at 6.30pm on BBC One Wales carried a brief interview with Russell T Davies, looking back enthusiastically on a successful year and happily predicting that the children watching on Christmas Day "will remember it when they're seventy!"

Finally, David Tennant's interview on this week's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is previewed today in a press releasefrom the BBC Press Office. The press release concentrates on Tennant's future plans, and he apparently tells Ross that he's here to stay: "As long as I don't get the sack, I'll do another series," which is the line he's taken when asked this question ever since his casting was announced. Tennant notes that "It's almost too exciting, all a bit daunting. It was the most successful TV show of the year; if it all goes wrong it's my fault ... I loved it when I was a kid. Tom Baker was the one I grew up with. ... It's a bit of a gamble. The danger is that you get stuck with it, but the only other option is you don't do it. I didn't want to be that guy. As long as I don't get the sack, I'll do another series."

(Thanks to Steve Tribe)

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