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Monday, 28 February 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Q Magazine, a popular UK music magazine, has published a glowing review of the new series in its latest issue, calling it "must-see TV for everyone". From the comments and some of the details given in the review it would appear that the reviewer, Boyd Hilton, has seen a number of episodes from the series - all of which impressed. Amongst many plaudits Hilton states that "the much-hyped return of rickety sci-f? classic Doctor Who lives up to all expectations: it's every bit as good as its mid-'70s heyday. Furthermore, this time around you don't have to be a geek to enjoy it." He goes on to comment on Eccleston's performance; "The inestimable Christopher Eccleston plays the ninth Doctor... replete with trendy leather jacket and wry sense of humour." As for Billie Piper; "the biggest surprise of the show is Billie Piper's performance as the Doctor's "assistant" Rose Tyler. Not only does Piper prove she can hold her own in the company of esteemed actors, but her feisty cockney character shows real depth. Importantly, Rose's relationship with the Doctor is as an equal, rather than just being there to whimper when the aliens show up." The special effects also impress: "Gone are the cardboard sets and naff-looking monsters of old, this time you see... [edited geographical location] ...landmarks come under thrilling alien attack, as convincing and exciting as anything shown before in a British TV series." Boyd ends by praising series writer and executive producer Russell T Davies for the "triumphant regeneration" of Doctor Who (the series rather than the person) and for "the slick, sharp dialogue". He ends by saying that "Doctor Who is no longer the domain solely of sci-fi spods, this is must-see TV for everyone". (Thanks to Roger Anderson / The Cuttings Archive)

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