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Wednesday, 16 February 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon

The official Doctor Who site today featured a preview (with cover) of The Complete Seventh Doctor, the final "Doctor Special" volume due out from DWM, which is released on February 17, as follows:
The Complete Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor's era is walking, talking proof - if any were needed - that Doctor Who and its fan following constitute a remarkably broad church. Every period of Doctor Who has its champions and its detractors, but when it comes to these three seasons the division of opinion is more acute than most.

Some fans consider them an abberation in both style and substance, offering little more than the prolonged death-rattle of a once-loved show; others have found a renewed spirit, imagination and commitment in the Sylvester McCoy era that puts it among the most inspired and inspiring periods in the show's history...

In this special issue, Philip MacDonald puts the Sylvester McCoy stories under the microscope and examines in detail these three highly-inventive seasons of Doctor Who. Meanwhile, resident Archivist Andrew Pixley provides a full behind-the-scenes history of Doctor Who between 1987 and 1989, while some of DWM's finest authors - including TV writers Steven Moffat, Rob Shearman and Paul Cornell - give their own thoughts on stories from the era.

There's also a full guide to the Seventh Doctor's adventures in audio, book and comic strip form, and an Afterword from Ace actress Sophie Aldred.

Packed with dozens of never-before-published photographs, this 100-page special is out on Thursday 17 February.

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