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Wednesday, 24 March 2004 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey spoke to Mark Gatiss, script writer for the forthcoming first season of the new Doctor Who series, novelist and writer/actor of "The League of Gentlemen," about the recent casting of the next Doctor. "Chris Eccleston's casting is sensational," Gatiss told OG. "He's a fantastic actor and a lovely man and is just the right kind of 'serious' choice to forever banish those tiresome tabloid stories about various TV weathermen or magicians being chosen as the Doctor. And for those who think he's 'too serious' for the part, I'd point to the casting of William Hartnell all those years ago. He was known for a particular type of role and seized upon Doctor Who as a chance to show his versatility. Besides, when Chris did a cameo in 'The League of Gentlemen' he told me he was fed up with playing miserable bastards so this will be just what the Doctor ordered!"