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Tuesday, 16 March 2004 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Producer Nicholas Briggs on the Big Finish website mentions some interesting changes for the forthcoming Dalek Empire III limited CD series. "Although linked to the previous two Dalek Empire series, this is a new story. There are new characters and new situations. This time there are six chapters instead of four, so the story has a broader canvas on which to develop, giving it the potential to be darker and more intricate." Says the site, "At the end of Dalek Empire II: Dalek Warà Galactic Union special envoy Siy Tarkov set off from planet Velyshaa with vital information warning of an imminent Dalek invasion of the galaxy... At the end of Dalek Empire II: Dalek Warà Susan Mendes sent a destructive impulse through the Dalek Command Network. The result was utter devastation. Our galaxy suffered what came to be known as the Great Catastrophe. But, two thousand years later, in some dark recess of another galaxy, the Daleks began to plan their terrible revenge." The page at the BF site goes into details about some of the characters, including Galanar, Georgi Selestru, Amur, Commander Frey Saxton, Chief Warden Dan Culver, Kaymee Arnod and Dr. Japrice Hendrek. The six-part series will be released monthly starting from May. Meanwhile, Big Finish's spinoff series devoted to the further adventures of former Virgin novel companion Benny Summerfield continues this year with four audios. Besides the previously announced "The Grel Escape" by Jacqueline Rayner (May) and "The Bone of Contention" by Simon Forward (August), two new installments are "The Relics of Jegg-Sau" by Stephen Cole (September) and "Masquerade of Death" by Stewart Sheargold (December). In book form, 2004 will see the release of one novel, a collection of three novellas and a short story anthology as well as the previously-announced "Inside Story"-ish book about the Benny series by Ian Farrington. 2005 will also see four new audios and three books. (Thanks to Big Finish)