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Wednesday, 25 June 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Australian fans (and, likely, New Zealanders as well), take note: Doctor Who at the BBC, the anniversary audio boxed set, will be out in November, according to a brochure included in the latest video release ("Meglos"), while the Power of the Daleks/Evil of the Daleks set is due in December. The Marco Polo CD is due in early 2004, as are three video releases: The Horns of Nimon, Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Reign of Terror. Curiously, the brochure also lists two early 2004 audio releases that have yet to be announced by BBC Worldwide (for anywhere): The Wheel in Space and The Underwater Menace (though, to be fair, these are two of the final releases and were likely for 2004 anyway!) (Thanks to Matthew Jones)

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