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Friday, 23 May 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
BBC Worldwide's press release for the 40th anniversary details various Doctor Who audio releases. As Outpost Gallifrey previously mentioned, the audio box set Yeti Attack (a box set of repackaged CDs of "Abominable Snowmen" and "Web of Fear") is due out July 7. Adventures in History (featuring "The Myth Makers," "The Massacre" and "The Highlanders") will be out August 4, the Dalek Tin with the new audio releases of The Power of the Daleks and The Evil of the Daleks is due out November 3, as is a three-disc version of Marco Polo, and the BBC also confirmed the September 1 release of the audio Doctor Who at the BBC, though it now appears that the linking narration is being done by Elisabeth Sladen (instead of Nick Courtney, who was noted on the information we were given previously).

One additional new item: The Doctor Who Remix Album will feature "major artists' interpretations of the Radiophonic Workshop" (specifically remixes of Ron Grainer's theme music). This is due out in the "Autumn" with no date specified.

Below are cover illustrations for the "Yeti Attack" box, the "Adventures in History" box, "Power of the Daleks" and "Marco Polo", as well as a mock-up cover in the booklet for "Dr. Who at the BBC" (which we gather is NOT the final cover illustration!)

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