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Tuesday, 17 September 2002 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Actors Wendy Padbury (Zoe) and Frazer Hines (Jamie), director Michael Ferguson and writer Terrance Dicks will be featured on the forthcoming DVD commentary track on the release of The Seeds of Death, the Patrick Troughton serial. Padbury, Hines and Ferguson will be doing the commentary on episodes 1 and 2; Hines, Padbury and Dicks on episode 3 (along with Ferguson briefly); Dicks and Ferguson on episode 4; and all four on episodes 5 and 6. The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, on sale this week, broke the story on the commentaries. Outpost Gallifrey has also learned from the Doctor Who Restoration Team that the Seeds disc contains a 25 minute documentary called 'Ssssowing the Sssseedssss', in which Ice Warrior actors Sonny Caldinez and Alan Bennion and make-up designer Sylvia James talk about the process of bringing the Martians to life. (Thanks to DWM, Steve Roberts and the Restoration Team).

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