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Tuesday, 24 September 2002 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Big Finish has released further info about three upcoming books. The short story anthology reported first in DWM (which we mentioned last week) is called Short Trips: Zodiac, edited by Jacqueline Rayner; it features 12 stories each representing signs of the zodiac by authors Simon Forward (Leo), Sarah Groenewegen (Virgo), Simon Guerrier (Libra), Paul Magrs (Scorpio), Todd Green (Sagittarius), Joseph Lidster (Capricorn), Andrew Collins (Aquarius), Alison Lawson (Pisces), Mark Michalowski (Aries), Paul Leonard (Taurus), Tony Keetch (Gemini) and Ian Potter (Cancer), with introduction and linking story by Jim Sangster. Meanwhile, Big Finish also confirmed two releases for 2003: Doctor Who: The Audio Scripts - The Best of Big Finish and as as-yet-untitled "Making Of" book about the run of the Doctor Who audios. The script book is set for September 2003 and features four rehearsal scripts (as opposed to final versions) for "Loups Garoux" by Marc Platt, "The Holy Terror" by Rob Shearman, "The Fires of Vulcan" by Steve Lyons, and "Neverland" by Alan Barnes, with an alternative episode one script for "The Fires of Vulcan" that featured Ace instead of Mel. The hardcover making of book will be edited by Benjamin Cook and feature photos, interviews with writers, actors and directors, unpublished cover illustrations and "Doctor Who Magazine" style archives on the making of each installment. (Our own The Kar-Charrat Files, a release supported by Big Finish, is an actual episode guide as opposed to this making-of book.) Finally, in a separate story, Big Finish announced that their Music From the Fifth Doctor Audios CD is being delayed slightly as Peter Davison signs all of the subscriber copies. (Thanks to Big Finish)

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