Thursday, 19 October 2000 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen

Story Arcs Continue: BBC editor Justin Richards revealed to DWM that "a shocking new series of twists and turns" is part of the current commission series of Eighth Doctor books for the latter half of 2001, leading up to the BBC's 100th DW novel released in January 2002.

The Five Missing Books: As many dedicated Doctor Who readers in North America know by now, five Doctor Who novels from BBC Books have gone astray on the US release schedule: "The Ancestor Cell," "The Burning," "Heart of TARDIS," "The Banquo Legacy" and"Prime Time". After repeated checking, we have discovered that the release date listed by London Bridge is now April 2001. All five books were earlier released to specialty bookstores and some chain outlets (including some Borders and Barnes & Noble booksellers) that had specifically ordered them; however, after these initial releases, the distributor closed release of these books, and therefore, retailers are unable to reorder them (or chain bookstores and online bookstores such as, order them in the first place). Overseas retailers (and overseas online shops such as are unaffected, and it appears Canadian booksellers can still get them. Retailers who have copies (such as Ambrosia which does have copies of three of the books left) have them from their initial orders. The BBC has been made aware of the April 2001 release date but at the moment is unable to get that date changed; the books are now unavailable to any and all retailers until that time. We will keep you posted when we receive further information on the release of these books.

"Endgame" Note from BBC Books: BBC Books' Jacqueline Rayner asked us to post the following: "A number of people have been in touch to ask about the supposed cancellation of Endgame. So, to forestall any further rumours, this is what's actually happened... Amazon originally listed both of November's books as being written by Terry Nation (no idea why!). They have now corrected this, but it seems that in order to do so they 'cancelled' the 'Nation' books, to replace them with the correct listings - which means that they sent out cancellation notices to anyone who had preordered the books. So there is no crisis - the books will be out as normal, and they are now listed on Amazon under their correct authors. If you have any queries about your preorders, please contact Amazon. Thanks to everyone who brought this matter to our attention."

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