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Friday, 15 September 2000 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Bonnie Langford made the news last week, when, according to reports, she tried to physically tackle Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles about comments he had made about her summer show. Moyles was broadcasting from Weymouth, Dorset, when he made disparaging comments about Bonnie's variety show, saying "if that's what they call entertainment in Weymouth, then thank God Radio 1 is here". A very pregnant Bonnie featured on the cover of the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine on Saturday, under the headline "How I survived while my friend Lena Zavaroni died". Bonnie's baby is due in October, and she jokes that she's been drafting likely newspaper headlines for when the baby is born: "Bubbly Bonnie Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby". Bonnie has tried to shed her goody two-shoes child star image recently, changing her agent, and taking out a provocative advertisment in 'The Stage' to announce the switch. Bonnie is currently appearing at the Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth. Later this year she will be performing in Jack and the Beanstalk in Nottingham. (Thanks to the official BBC website)

Anneke Wills will be debuting another of her Doctor Who portraits at the Panopticon convention early September, this one of Sophie Aldred. Wills, who became a successful artist since her days on Doctor Who as Polly Wright, has done many portraits of Doctor Who cast members over the past several years. For more info on her artwork, visit

James Acheson, Oscar-winning costume designer who worked on four Pertwee and four Tom Baker stories, has been signed to work on the forthcoming 'Spiderman' movie. His film credits include Terry Gilliam’s 'Brazil', Bernardo Bertolucci’s 'The Last Emperor' and Stephen Frears’ 'Dangerous Liaisons'. (Thanks to the official website)
Paul McGann's forthcoming TV movie 'The Biographer' has become the focus of some controversy. The film tells the story behind the writing and publication of Andrew Morton's 1992 biography of the Princess of Wales, 'Diana: Her True Story'. McGann will play Morton, and will star alongside Oscar winning actress Faye Dunaway. The controversy has arisen because the producers are considering broadcasting the actual tapes that were secretly given to Morton by the Princess to assist his research. The $4.4m film will be screened later this year. (Thanks to the official website) 

Sylvester McCoy 
was recently the subject of a prank call by the Dead Ringers comedy team. A Tom Baker impersonator rang up Sylvester McCoy and a conversation ensued with an increasingly bemused Sylvester uttering lines such as 'Tom is that you?' and then as greater bemusement set in 'have you been down the pub?'. A version of this hilarious segment, as well as several other "fake Tom Baker" Dead Ringers prank calls and other sci-fi sketches, from the Tom Baker Deadringers Prank Call Archive at (Thanks to Roger Andersen and DavrosDW) Meanwhile, Sylvester is currently penning an autobiography, likely to be published in January. Meanwhile, Sylvester will be appearing in Moliere's 'Hypochondriac' at the Royal Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh during September. (Thanks to the official BBC website)
Nicola Bryant is scheduled to record a new interview tape for MythMakers / Reeltime Productions... this one in Lanzarote, site of the filming of her debut story, "Planet of Fire".
Louise Jameson is to star in a new sitcom, 'Mirrorball', with 'Curse of Fatal Death's Julia Sawalha. The series features the team from Absolutely Fabulous.
Bonnie Langford (Mel) and her husband Paul Grunert are expecting their first child; we recently wrote the happy couple, who confirmed they were expecting in October. Our best wishes to the proud parents-to-be.
Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen made appearances at this year's London International Stamp Show at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, where they signed BBC-licenced First Day covers featuring the Post Office's Dalek stamp. Below are the three stamps we have graphics for (courtesy Gallifrey 5).

Tom Baker can be seen here in his role as Hallvarth in the forthcoming film Dungeons and Dragons, set for release this fall (click the thumbnail graphic or click here for a larger picture). Tom is writing a new novel - a fantasy involving "murderous scarecrows, mayhem and great violence. In the opening there is a fearful murder". Tom is also doing the tutorial for a videogame for the Sega Dreamcast called Ecco the Dolphin (this can be confirmed on http:/ in their Dreamcast area) The recent news that he'd been featured in a voice over on a Burger King advertisement is not true; it was a soundalike actor. However, Tom HAS been doing ads for HR Owen Landrovers (he's been doing it since last Summer, but a month or so back a bunch of new ones turned up and no-one (including DWM) seems to have noticed a thing, says our correspondent.) (With thanks to Matt Dale, Tammy Potash and to Cinescape and DNDMOVIE.COM for posting the photo.) 

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