Friday, 15 September 2000 - Reported by Marcus
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Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Regeneration Finds a Publisher: The long-delayed "Regeneration" hardcover book by Philip Segal and Gary Russell has finally found a new publisher in HarperCollins, a large publishing company owned by NewsCorp (Fox). It will be released in October 2000, though recently we were informed that the book was pushed back from the start of October to October 16; further clarification from co-author Gary Russell indicates that this may indeed not be the last delay of the book, due to some licensing restrictions on photos of Daleks in the book. "Regeneration," a book about the production of the 1996 Doctor Who movie (Segal was the executive producer and driving force behind the film), was originally scheduled to be printed in 1999 by Virgin Publishing, but Virgin shelved it after the final draft of the book was turned in. The new publisher has not yet been announced. (Thanks to Richard Bignell, Philip Segal and Gary Russell)

The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs: Also coming soon from Harper Collins is former Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner's autobiography. The hardcover book will feature a look behind the scenes at the making of his ten years on the series, plus his experience in television and what he's been doing since. The book is scheduled for release on December 4. (Thanks to Jeff Elias)

Season 12: The Scripts Book: BBC Books will be publishing "Season 12: The Scripts"; Justin Richards is contributing editor, Barnaby Harsent is co-editor and Andrew Pixley is the book consultant. Contrary to rumors, this book has no dependance on the UK BBC2 repeats, now canceled. According to Richards, the book will be "heavily illustrated in both black and white and colour. There will be complete camera scripts (not the camera instructions though) for each of the season 12 stories, plus 'front matter' consisting of a review, background production notes, transmission, cast & crew details, etc. Each script will be heavily annotated to show deletions, additions and specific production details". The book was to be published in November 2000, but has been delayed due to clearance delays and other, more recent, publishing delays. According to Justin Richards, the book will likely see print sometime later in 2001.

I, Who 2 On Horizon: After the success of the first volume, author Lars Pearson has announced "I, Who 2," the sequel to the original "I, Who: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels". The reference work is expected sometime in 2001 and will include books published after the ones in the first volume, as well as additional adventures (such as "The Masters of Luxor," the unfilmed Hartnell story) and possibly even delve into the realm of DW comic adventures.

Howe's Transcendental Toybox - The Unofficial Guide to Who Merchandise: Co-authors David J. Howe and Arnold T. Blumberg are preparing this "complete collector's guide to everything that has ever been produced to tie in with the series. From hardback books, trading cards and chocolate Christmas tree decorations, to stained glass windows, underpants and metal models, this book is a fascinating and enthralling look at the world wide history, development and collectability of Doctor Who merchandise. This is the first and only reference and price guide to the entire history of Doctor Who memorabilia from 1963 to 1999. It will catalogue every kind of merchandise produced in that period, provide photos for many of the items listed, and discuss many aspects of the show's long history in light of the vast amount of collectible material produced about it. The book will document the history of the world's longest-running science fiction television show from the perspective of the marketing and merchandising juggernaut that the series spawned. Anyone who is a Doctor Who fan, science fiction enthusiast, armchair television historian, or collector of pop culture memorabilia will be fascinated by this book and the story it has to tell." The book will also feature articles on collecting, dealers, retailers and a variety of other directories. The book will be published in Fall 2000 as a limited edition volume by the authors, and will be available through them or via Firebird Distributing. For more info, visit the website at or

Pocket Essentials: Doctor Who: Author Mark Campbell has penned a new unofficial reference work, "Doctor Who," a Pocket Essentials guide from the same publisher. Says the press release: "As well as an introductory essay, each Doctor's era is put under the microscope with facts and informed opinion on all their stories. There's an in-depth reference section detailing further reading, fascinating and bizarre Doctor Who websites, and a short history of spin-off stories and merchandising." Pocket Essentials is said to be "a new series for the MTV generation brought up in the three-minute culture." The book was released in the UK in June 2000. For more information visit the website

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