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Friday, 10 October 1997 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shannon Patrick Sullivan
It had long been reported that, following in the wake of the two Pertwee audio adventures, a third would go before the mike starring Tom Baker, in a story written by Eric Saward exploring the origins of the Cybermen. Then, reports surfaced that BBC Radio 2 had refused the project. This was later clarified: virtually all new proposals for BBC Radio programming have, in fact, been put on hold until October due to the recent restructing of the BBC. Indeed, a more recent Radio Times article indicated that the radio plays were still a going concern. Tom Baker, on the other hand, has stated that he would only be interested in doing an audio adventure if he were allowed to play the Doctor in a totally new manner, as he does not want to simply retread old ground.

Now a new wrinkle has entered the story, as David Rodan (co-writer of Dimensions In Time) stated at a Doctor Who weekend in late July that he had authored a Seventh Doctor/Ace/Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart radio play which had been scuppered by BBC Radio 2, after the actors involved had signed their contracts. The six-episode play was entitled Nuclear Kiss, and was a "Tom Clancy-style thriller" which would have seen the death of Lethbridge-Stewart at Nicholas Courtney's request.

Meanwhile, New Zealanders have the opportunity to hear 1985's Sixth Doctor/Peri radio play Slipback, which began airing on Saturday, September 20th.

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