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Thursday, 18 July 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine:  Issue 606 (Credit: Panini)

Issue 606 of Doctor Who Magazine is released today. 

Inside this issue

  • Behind the scenes on this year’s season finale with NCUTI GATWA, BONNIE LANGFORD, JEMMA REDGRAVE, YASMIN FINNEY, RUSSELL T DAVIES and many more!

  • Join GABRIEL WOOLF as he records the voice of Sutekh for The Legend of Ruby Sunday and Empire of Death and remembers his role in 1975’s Pyramids of Mars. Plus! We talk to James Burge – the hand of Sutekh…

  • Script to Screen: creating the bird-like alien Chuldur for Regency episode Rogue.

  • We discuss the more unsettling aspects of Finetime with CALLIE COOKE and TOM RHYS HARRIES – alias Dot and Bubble’s Lindy and Ricky.

  • Russell T Davies runs into Louis Theroux at the BBC and the conversation quickly turns to Doctor Who.

  • What If…? We journey down the roads never taken during the Fourth Doctor’s era…

  • The Time and Space Visualiser takes us back to 1982 to look at a formative Doctor Who publication…

  • A tribute to WILLIAM RUSSELL. We reflect on the important role his character, Ian Chesterton, played in the series; take a look at his wider career; and share the memories of those who worked with him including CAROLE ANN FORD, MAUREEN O’BRIEN and PETER PURVES.

  • Loose Ends drops in on Graham O’Brien’s companion support group, where they’re bidding a touching farewell to their most senior member…

  • The Fact of Fiction – a detailed analysis of 1965’s The Space Museum.

  • The latest instalment of our comic strip featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby.


  • Gallifrey Guardian – all the latest news, including details of the Eighth Doctor live on stage!

  • Reviewed: audio dramas, books, games and models!

  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to new stories in Doctor Who’s expanded universe.

  • Win Blu-rays, books and audio releases!

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 606 is on sale Thursday 18 July from and WH Smith priced £7.99 (UK). 

Also available as a digital edition from priced £6.99.



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Saturday, 13 July 2024 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill (Credit: Oliver Bowring)

Big Finish Productions, in partnership with BBC Studios, have announced a new series of twelve, hour-long, full-cast audio adventures with Jodie Whittaker reprising her role as the Thirteenth Doctor alongsider Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan.

Jodie Whittaker said: 

“I’m over the moon to be joining Big Finish for more adventures in the TARDIS. Recording the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz is a really lovely thing to revisit. One of the things Mandip and I used to love on Doctor Who was getting in, doing a new episode and meeting a brand-new cast. I just can’t wait to step back into the boots, pull on the coat and get cracking. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be brilliant.

Mandip Gill added:

Doctor Who has been a huge part of my career and personal life and I am looking forward to seeing how I can further enrich my character through this exhilarating series. To be able to work with Jodie again is a dream come true, we have such a special friendship, I’m sure the recordings will be filled with laughter.

Big Finish’s Chairman, Jason Haigh-Ellery said:

This year Big Finish is celebrating its 25th anniversary of producing full-cast Doctor Who audio drama – so, when we were granted the licence to create new stories set during the Thirteenth Doctor’s era, we immediately set to work. 

I am delighted that the inimitable Jodie and Mandip have decided to return to their roles with us and I’m excited to welcome them to Big Finish. Alongside our two other forthcoming series for the Fugitive Doctor (played by Jo Martin) and the Master (played by Sacha Dhawan), 2025 has never looked brighter for the Thirteenth Doctor and her fam.

Big Finish’s Creative Director, Nicholas Briggs added:

Jodie and Mandip were so welcoming to me when I worked on set with them in the TV show, so I’m looking forward to repaying the compliment. They’re lovely people and they’re full of enthusiasm for this project.


The new adventures will be available to pre-order at a discounted price from the Big Finish site, either individually or as a complete set. The series is expected to be released from July 2025.

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Candy Jar update: Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy Wilson and 60 Years of Assistants!Bookmark and Share

Saturday, 13 July 2024 - Reported by Chuck Foster

A roundup of the latest books announced by Candy Jar Books this year.



Lethbridge-Stewart - Intelligence Taskforce (Credit: Candy Jar Books)Intelligence Taskforce

Written by Jonathan Blum

Cover by Adrian Salmon



Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is in disgrace. And alone.


As the inquiry into his recent actions closes in, he takes personal leave, and heads

to the United States to hunt answers. The conspiracy he’s been uncovering stretches to the highest levels, involving people with the ability to manipulate probability and random chance, who could skew the fate of the entire world. But what for?


From the UN building to the Pentagon, the streets of Harlem to the shores of Barbados, Lethbridge-Stewart has to leave behind his secure position and build a

new team of international allies. What they establish could bring the world together to face alien threats… or their different agendas could tear everything down.


They locate the man behind the conspiracy. But is there someone – or something – behind even him?



Intelligence Taskforce is Jonathan Blum's second Lethbridge-Stewart novel. though range editor Andy Frankham-Allen observed:

There is two ways to look at this book; it’s either a sequel, or it’s the second part of one novel. I’m inclined to think of it as the latter, since it was initially only planned as one novel.

Jonathan Blum said:

When I first pitched my story to Andy, it was just one book – Andy said I could go a bit longer than usual because it was the grand finale. Then I submitted it, and he said, ‘okay, not quite that long…’ I’d already cut out a bunch of bits from my outline, because I knew I was running long, but the submitted draft was about 90,000 words, where most of the Lethbridge-Stewart books were around 70,000. In passing I said ‘you know, there’s these subplots in the original outline that I left out, we could put them back in and make it two 60,000 word books…’ In my defence, I did have COVID at the time! Don’t try this at home, folks – usually you’ll be laughed at. But luckily, this helped Andy with his schedule, so he said ‘make it two 70,000 word books and you’re on’. But that meant I still had to come up with even more new material! The story split neatly in half – book one became ‘what’s going on and who’s behind it’, while book two was ‘how do we stop them, and how far are they planning to go’. If you look at the books as basically an old-style Doctor Who four-parter, the expansion was in parts two and three!”

For me, the defining note of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is that he’s such a conventional, upright figure – and yet he has to deal with so much interplanetary barking insanity. And as we know from the TV show, he allies himself with some weird people. His life is fundamentally strange, but he stays so normal – what does that mean about him? How can he actually do that? There’s a possible answer in here, and it’s not one the Brigadier would like… In the books he and Anne have this great personal history with the Great Intelligence and their family, this chaos lurking under the surface of their orderly lives, and they’re both going to have to face that. And for a representative of The System, he spends an awful lot of time skirting the rules; he only really seems conventional and rigid when he’s standing next to the Doctor! Here, in order to get UNIT as we know it off the ground, he’s going to have to both rebuild the system from within, and work outside it. And, without intending to, burn some crucial old bridges…

Adrian Salmon said of his cover;

It was quite a technical exercise this one! My intention was to make the 'coins' be knocked back colour-wise to suggest movement as against solidity, and I think it works!


A coda to the series, The Lost Son by Tim Gambrell, will be released later in the year.


The book is available on pre-order from Candy Jar Books.



The Lucy Wilson Mysteries - Stop the Clock! (Credit: Candy Jar Books)The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Stop the Clock!

Written by Cherry Cobb



London, 1941. The day Big Ben stopped.


It’s half-term. Lucy and Hobo are excited to be in London, especially as they’re going to see The Lion King at the theatre! But, Lucy’s dad has told them to stay inside and out of trouble. Luckily for the dynamic duo, Lucy’s time ring has other plans!


Rationing. Air raids. Bombs. The Houses of Parliament. Big Ben. And a strange ticking noise.


But who is Curt Uhrmacher? Why does he have an army of clockwork people? And can Lucy and Hobo stop the clock in time?


The latest instalment of The Lucy Wilson Mysteries, is now available for pre-order exclusively from the Candy Jar website.

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries series first started back in 2018 and even though it was spearheaded by the talented Sue Hampton the series has since been very male-led, with Stop the Clock! being the first full-length novel written by a female writer since. Author, Cherry Cobb, is very excited to be the second woman author for the series:

I’ve written a few short stories about Lucy over the years, but when Shaun asked me to write a full-length novel, I jumped at the chance!

I had to set the story in World War II London as it was such a remarkable period in history. There are so many stories to be told, but one that grabbed my attention was the time that Big Ben stopped working from June the 3rd at 10.13pm to June the 4th at 10.13am in 1941. This was due to a workman who accidentally dropped a hammer into the movement works while repairing the clock after an air raid. But then I started to think, what if it wasn’t the workman and was something else entirely?

Head of publishing Shaun Russell, said:

It’s fantastic to have Cherry writing for the series. We were incredibly lucky to have the series kickstarted by Sue and I’m hoping that this will be the start of more stories by women authors.

As well as exploring a time so rich with history, the book also features some cameos of Winston Churchill, Alan Turing and Candy Jar’s very own Eileen Younghusband, author of the award-winning One Woman’s WarKeren Williams, Publishing Co-ordinator and part of the editorial team for both Lethbridge-Stewart and Lucy Wilson, said:

We’ve seen Eileen quite a lot in the Lethbridge-Stewart series, due to popular demand, but this is her first appearance in Lucy Wilson. And, what’s most exciting is that the ending leaves an opening for her return in a later story.


The Lucy Wilson Mysteries is a Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off adventure inspired by characters created for Doctor Who by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln.


Stop the Clock! is available to pre-order exclusively from Candy Jar Books.



Companions: Sixty Years of Doctor Who Assistants (Credit: Candy Jar Books)Companions: Sixty Years of Doctor Who Assistants

Written by Andy Frankham-Allen, is joined by Philip Bates,

Cover by Colin Howard



Doctor Who was never really about the Doctor. This is the story of the Time Lord’s companions – friends through all time and space.


Discover the journeys of every one of the Doctor’s assistants, from Susan, Ian Chesterton, and Barbara Wright, to Fifteenth Doctor companion, Ruby Sunday; including their adventures off-screen, in novels, comics, and audio.


Companions: Sixty Years of Doctor Who Assistants is an in-depth account of each companion, examining their arcs, significance in the TV series, and how they traversed different times, places, and mediums. Relive their travels on television. Learn what companions did after they left the TARDIS. And meet the Doctor’s wider network of friends, from Evelyn Smythe to Liv Chenka, Professor Bernice Summerfield to his grandchildren, John and Gillian.


See the universe anew through their eyes.


Companions: Sixty Years of Doctor Who Assistants is a brand new, fully expanded edition of one of Candy Jar Books’ most popular non-fiction works, Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants. With just over a decade’s more stories, this sixtieth anniversary edition revises and expands on every chapter, bringing to light more details than ever before; includes detailed summaries of characters added to The Whoniverse since 2013; and features new chapters for the companions of the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Doctors.

Primarily split into fifteen chapters, one per Doctor, each section looks first at companions’ TV stories, their arcs, and importance to the show as a whole, before delving into spin-off media that expands on their characters. It aims to be the definitive story of all the Doctor’s friends in time and space, covering every companion from the original team of Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan through to the Doctor's latest travelling companion Ruby Sunday. Taking into account the franchise’s ventures into other mediums like novels, comics, and audio means that, alongside in-depth histories of Sarah Jane Smith, Ace, Rose, Amy and Rory, and many more, the book further covers companions not seen on television, including Fitzgerald “Fitz” Kreiner, Erimemushinteperem, Gabby Gonzalez, Frobisher, and Lucie Miller.

Publisher, Shaun Russell, said:

Companions has been long out of print, and I still get fans asking when it’ll be available again. With Doctor Who recently celebrating its sixtieth anniversary, now seemed the perfect time. What’s been so amazing, though, is seeing how much extra material there’s been to cover. It’s effectively the same amount as a brand new book!

Original author, Andy Frankham-Allen, is joined by Philip Bates, editor of the Doctor Who Companion website. Andy said:

I remain incredibly proud of Companions; the reception it had made the long hours noting down every important character beat worthwhile. My edition went up to the end of The Name of the Doctor in 2013, so for this new edition, we’ve finished off Clara Oswald’s time with the Eleventh Doctor, then analysed the lives of many more companions since then like Bill Potts, Yasmin Khan, and even someone whose time on board the TARDIS we all thought was over, Donna Noble.

Philip adds:

Andy’s tome sits on my desk, a comprehensive and fascinating guide that I can turn to whenever my memory cheats. When Shaun and Andy asked me to get on board updating it, I was understandably over the moon. It quickly dawned on me how many more adventures there were to feature, so that meant starting again from page one – checking all the information was still correct or hadn’t been contradicted, then diving into other mediums to find out how classic and new companions have had their lives explored further. And it’s been an absolute joy.

Shaun concluded:

Doctor Who has a rich history and this book indulges in it. But Doctor Who is also about looking to the future, and right now, that’s Millie Gibson. So it felt only right to feature the 2024 season of the show. Plus, we get to talk more about the lovely Bonnie Langford, who returns as Mel Bush in the latest series. So this is as up-to-date and rigorous an exploration of Doctor Who as you can get!


The book is due out later this year, and is available to pre-order from the Candy Jar website.


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Thursday, 4 July 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 25 (Credit: BBC Studios)

Doctor Who fans can continue to build their own home archive on Blu-ray with an eight-disc box set, starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor.

The stories included are Remembrance of the Daleks, The Happiness Patrol, Silver Nemesis and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. The stories also feature Sophie Aldred who plays iconic 80s companion, Ace, who joins the Doctor to battle Daleks, Cybermen, the murderous Happiness Patrol and the evil forces of the Psychic Circus.

PLUS, fans can experience this season like never before, with brand new extended special editions of all four adventures, exclusive to this Blu-ray set.

The four Special Editions feature unseen footage, updated special effects, immersive surround sound, and surprises. All episodes have been newly remastered from available sources meaning these classic adventures have never looked or sounded so good on home media.

The Collection: Season 25 is also jam-packed with hours of new and exclusive material including:

Exclusive to Blu-ray, on the original broadcast versions of Remembrance of The Daleks,

  • Silver Nemesis and The Greatest Show in The Galaxy.


  • New episodes with Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Bonnie Langford (Mel), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Dame Sheila Hancock (Helen A), Jessica Martin (Mags), Karen Gledhill (Allison) and Mark Hardy (Cyber-Lieutenant).


  • Three new episodes, with Sophie Aldred, script editor Andrew Cartmel and director Chris Clough.


  • A documentary looking back at the life and career of Dursley McLinden (Mike).


  • A rare vintage documentary from 1988, previously only available on VHS.


  • A version of the story originally released on VHS with extra footage.


  • A special cut-down feature-length version of this adventure, in the tradition of the 1970s Christmas repeats.

Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 25 (Credit:  BBC Studios)THE COLLECTORS – THE 1980s

  • Host Emily Cook chats to Doctor Who collectors about their 1980s treasures.


  • Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Bonnie Langford attempt to escape the room of doom.


  • Sophie Aldred chats to Lesley Dunlop, her co-star from The Happiness Patrol who also appeared in the Fifth Doctor story Frontios (1984).


  • The practical effects genius looks back on his Season 25 work.


  • Hours of raw footage and outtakes captured during the making of all four stories.









This eight-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD including documentaries, featurettes, audio commentaries and more.

The Collection: Season 25 will be released on 21st October 2024.

The set is available for pre-order here

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Thursday, 20 June 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 605 (Credit: Panini)

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 605 is out today.

Inside this issue

  • Previews of the thrilling season finale, Empire of Death, and the new Tales of the TARDIS episode, Pyramids of Mars – a new presentation of a seventies classic!

  • The Changing Face of Susan Twist – as the mystery behind her character is resolved, she reflects on her role in the latest season…

  • The men from UNIT – Lenny Rush (aka new scientific adviser Morris Gibbons) and Alexander Devrient (Colonel Ibrahim) share their experiences of working on the season finale.

  • Indira Varma on playing the Duchess of Pemberton and a bird-like alien Chuldur.

  • Access All Areas: Rogue. Join the cast and crew on a night shoot in south Wales, including more from Jonathan Groff about playing the eponymous bounty hunter.

  • Access All Areas: 73 Yards. Join Millie Gibson on location and get up close to the mysterious woman who stalked Ruby over the decades.

  • Strictly confidential! Shirley Ballas and Johannes Radebe share their delight in being invited to dance in The Devil’s Chord.

  • Bang on Target! The authors of the new novelisations discuss how they adapted some of the latest episodes for print.

  • Russell T Davies on watching (or trying to watch!) recent episode Boom with his family.

  • Meet the crew – an interview with one of the tireless creatives working behind the scenes.

  • Loose Ends travels to ancient Egypt and imagines scenes that happened off screen.

  • The Fact of Fiction – a scene-by-scene look back at Eleventh Doctor story Vincent and the Doctor.

  • The latest installment of our comic strip featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby.


  • Gallifrey Guardian – all the latest news, including details of a wide range of books soon to hit the shelves!

  • Reviewed: all the latest audio releases.

  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to new stories in Doctor Who’s expanded universe.

  • Win Blu-rays, books and audio releases!

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 605 is on sale Thursday 20 June  from and WH Smith priced £7.99 (UK). 

Also available as a digital edition from priced £6.99.



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Monday, 17 June 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Pyramids of Mars (Credit: BBC)

Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson, are to appear in a new Tales of the TARDIS with The Doctor and Ruby embarking on a journey to the Pyramids of Mars

Following on from Saturday’s episode, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, in which the Doctor and Ruby came face to face with one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, Sutekh, played by original actor Gabriel Woolf, the pair are set to take a trip down memory lane in Tales of the TARDIS: Pyramids of Mars.

The brand-new episode will feature an appearance from the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) for the very first time in Tales of the TARDIS.

Originally airing in 1975, the four-part story Pyramids of Mars sees the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) battle the almighty Sutekh. The classic story has been remastered into a feature-length omnibus episode that’s had a cosmic makeover, with updated visual effects. 

Tales of the TARDIS: Pyramids of Mars sees the TARDIS land in 1911. In the grounds of the Old Priory, Egyptian mummies are walking and the Doctor and Sarah find that an ancient and powerful evil is menacing mankind.

And now back on board the Remembered TARDIS, the Doctor and Ruby pause in battle to reflect on their recent adventures – all before they fight to save the universe in this Saturday’s highly anticipated season finale Empire of Death. The finale also sees Gabriel Woolf return as the legendary Sutekh, 48 years after his original role as the villain.   

Phil Collinson, Executive Producer, says:

Revisiting the rich history of Doctor Who is endlessly thrilling and this is no exception. It’s so exciting to bring back Tales of the TARDIS again, and to revisit a classic enemy of the Doctor. Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, returning to terrify a whole new generation of children in a blistering season finale is what makes this show so special and appeal to so many across the generations.

Experience the moment the Doctor first met his ferocious enemy Sutekh when Tales of the TARDIS: Pyramids of Mars airs on Thursday 20th June at 8 pm on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer.

Doctor Who season one is now available on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and on Disney+ in the rest of the world, where available.

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Friday, 14 June 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who: Print the Legend (Credit: Panini)

The latest special from Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who: Print the Legend, is now available.


This lavish, 116-page bookazine from the makers of Doctor Who Magazine is the essential guide to novelisations – hardback, paperback and audio adaptations of television stories.

Highlights include profiles of leading authors, a section on collecting rarities, a look at the recording of the audiobooks and a tribute to illustrator Chris Achilléos.

Exclusives include a previously unpublished extract from The Enemy of the World, the book that legendary Doctor Who writer David Whitaker was working on before his death in 1980.

Editor Marcus Hearn says

The first of these books was published in 1964, and there have been 223 to date,
This special issue includes details on every single one, with cover illustrations, information about reprints, foreign-language editions and much more.

Each issue of Print the Legend comes with a free CD audiobook, randomly selected from the BBCAudiobooks Doctor Who range.

Doctor Who: Print the Legend is on sale now from and WH Smith priced £11.99 (UK).

Also available as a digital edition from priced £10.99.



Doctor Who: Print the Legend (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who: Print the Legend (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who: Print the Legend (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who: Print the Legend (Credit: Panini)

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William Russell 1924 - 2024Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, 4 June 2024 - Reported by Marcus
William Russell (Credit: BBC)

William Russell, the actor and one of the original stars of Doctor Who has died at the age of 99.

William Russell played Ian Chesterton in the very first episode of Doctor Who, the teacher who investigated the mysterious pupil at Coal Hill School and who was spirited away in the TARDIS by the first Doctor. 

As one of the original stars of Doctor Who, Russell was a huge part of the initial success of the show, who, along with Jacqueline Hill playing Barbara Wright, often bore the weight of keeping a long-running weekly show on the straight and narrow. 

Russell stayed with Doctor Who for its first two years, appearing in 78 episodes. His last appearance was in The Planet of Decision, the final episode of The Chase, broadcast on the 26th June 1965.

He recreated the character of Ian for the Big Finish audio series. In 2022 he brought the character back to the Television series with a cameo in the final thirteenth Doctor story The Power of the Doctor. He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest gap between TV appearances of an actor playing a television character. 


William Russell was born as William Russell Enoch on the 19th of November 1924.  He studied at Wolverhampton Grammar School and Oxford University before doing his National Service in the Royal Air Force where he became involved in organising entertainment. 

After university, he gained a place in a repertory company and thus began a 70-year career as a successful actor.  He began his career with the stage name Russell Enoch, later changing it to William Russell at the request of Norman Wisdom when they made a film together in 1955. He was known to his fellow artists as Russ. 

His real success was in television where he was a presence in so many well known British dramas. His first credited appearance was in Gift Horse in 1952, a time when all television drama was transmitted live.

By 1956 he was a leading man, playing a swashbuckling knight, the title character in ITV series The Adventures of Sir Lancelot. When the series was sold to the US, the first British TV import to be shot in colour for an American audience, Russell rode down Fifth Avenue on a horse in full regalia. 

A year later he was on BBC Television playing Dickens Nicholas Nickleby in a ten-part series. 

Movie work including a role in the war movie The Great Escape where he played Soren. He met his first wife, the French model and actor Balbina Gutierrez on a location shoot in Malta for the film 1954 They Who Dare

By the time he was offered the role of Ian Chesterton, he was established as a reliable character actor. His experience was vital in the series which was recorded as live with one episode produced each week. With William Hartnell sometimes struggling to remember his lines, the onus of keeping the show running often fell on Russell with improvisation and adlibbing needed to ensure plot points were explained and the episode was recorded successfully.

After he left Doctor Who Russell was a constant presence on British television with roles in series such as Dr. Finlay's Casebook, Harriet's Back in Town, Crown Court, Van Der Valk, Strangers, Disraeli, Shoestring Testament of Youth, The Professionals, The Black Adder, Robin of Sherwood, Coronation Street, Casualty, Poirot, and Heartbeat. 

William Russell was present at many conventions and was always very proud of his work on Doctor Who. 

Russell is survived by his second wife, Etheline Lewis, a doctor, whom he married in 1984, and their son, the actor Alfred Enoch, and by his children, Vanessa, Laetitia and Robert, from his marriage to Balbina, which ended in divorce, and four grandchildren, James, Elise, Amy and Ayo.

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Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 604Bookmark and Share

Thursday, 23 May 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine:  Issue 604 (Credit: Panini)

Issue 604 of Doctor Who Magazine is published today

Inside this issue

  • Previews of the new episodes broadcast this month. Russell T Davies talks about 73 Yards and Dot and Bubble, we reveal a tantalising glimpse at the recording of Rogue, and whet your appetite for season finale The Legend of Ruby Sunday/Empire of Death.

  • Jonathan Groff talks about his role in Rogue and his first impressions of watching An Unearthly Child…

  • A day in the life of Wolf Studios… join DWM on the set of Space Babies…

  • Script to Screen on realising the Baby Station crew.

  • Behind the scenes on The Devil’s Chord – including contributions from actors who played the Beatles, Jinkx Monsoon, Russell T Davies, Murray Gold… plus Shirley Ballas and Johannes!

  • We catch up with recurring guest star Susan Twist.

  • Steven Moffat discusses some of the philosophical ideas at the heart of Boom…

  • Letter from the Showrunner – Russell T Davies reports from New York as he publicises the return of Doctor Who in the US.

  • “Are You My Mummy?” Nineteen years on, Time-Space Visualiser looks back at the series’ first meme…

  • Loose Ends – this month we expand upon the Twelfth Doctor’s Regency adventures.

  • The Fact of Fiction – a scene-by-scene look back at First Doctor story The Rescue.

  • The first part of a brand-new comic strip featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby.


  • Gallifrey Guardian – meet the new companion, played by Varada Sethu!

  • Reviewed: the animated Celestial Toymaker on DVD and Blu-ray, and all the latest audio releases.

  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to new stories in Doctor Who’s expanded universe.

  • Win Blu-rays and the latest audio releases!

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 604 is on sale Thursday 23 May  from and WH Smith priced £7.99 (UK). 

Also available as a digital edition from priced £6.99.


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Finale to be screened in cinemas across the UKBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who in Cinemas (Credit: BBC Worldwide)

BBC Studios and CinemaLive have joined forces to bring the Doctor Who finale to cinema screens across the UK on 21st June 2024.

Doctor Who made a return to screens this month as Ncuti Gatwa’s first full season as the Doctor began. Now fans are being offered the chance to see the series finale on the big screen at cinemas across the UK. 

This two-part epic finale screening will commence at 11pm on 21st June with the penultimate episode, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, (which airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 15th June), and as the clock strikes midnight, the final episode Empire of Death, will play on the big screen.

Showrunner Russell T Davies said:

This is a great big rip-roaring finale with the Doctor, Ruby and friends old and new fighting the greatest enemy of their lives. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

 Dominic Walker, Global Business Director, BBC Studios, said:

We’re delighted to be working with CinemaLive at such an exciting time for Doctor Who to bring the finale of Ncuti Gatwa’s first season as the Doctor to the big screen across the UK. Whovians are such a big part of Doctor Who so it was important for us to celebrate the end of the series with an event for fans to come together and celebrate all things Whoniverse. We can’t wait for fans to see what is in store to conclude the Fifteenth Doctor’s first season.

John Travers, Head of Acquisitions and Distribution for Cinema Live said

We're thrilled to be working in partnership with BBC Studios to offer fans of Doctor Who this unique opportunity to come together and share the incredible experience of watching the epic season finale on the big screen.

Tickets go on sale 9 am Thursday 23rd May. Fans will need to prebook and can buy tickets at

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