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Thursday, 1 December 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Jeremy Bentham has announced the return of regular Doctor Who fan meetings in central London:

THE FITROY TAVERN in Central London has reopened its doors to visitors following completion of a year-long, multi-million pound refurbishment that had seen Fitzrovia's most celebrated pub upgraded and restored to its original Victorian splendour.

Since 1984 'The Tavern' has played host to the regular First Thursday of each month evening gatherings of Doctor Who fans, keen to meet, exchange gossip, share or catch up on news and compare views on all things Who-related. In keeping with the area's reputation for attracting the famous, celebrated attendees of First Thursday gatherings have, down the years, included Douglas Adams, John Nathan-Turner, Terrance Dicks, Barry Lettrs, Nick Briggs, Steven Moffat and a good many faces from Doctor Who Magazine, past and present.

At ground level 'The Tavern' has now been divided into four separate bars, each with its own distinctive Victorian style. The Edwardian-styled upstairs is more spacious and likely to be the area most frequented by fans. This area also includes the dining area.

Located on the corner of Windmill Street and Charlotte Street, THE FITZROY TAVERN’s nearest Underground Station is Goodge Street on the Northern Line.

The next First Thursday gathering will take place on 1st December.

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"The Fitzroy Tavern" - change of venue for the regular London Doctor Who fan gatBookmark and Share

Thursday, 25 June 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Due to a major refurbishment taking place at the Fitzroy Tavern in Charlotte Street, London, the regular "first Thursday of the month" gathering of Doctor Who fans will be temporarily changing to a new venue:


The Tavern is moving! After more than 30 years playing host to the regular ‘First Thursday’ gatherings of Doctor Who fans, luminaries and commentators, THE FITZROY TAVERN in Central London’s Charlotte Street is closing its doors. But not forever…

This landmark pub at the heart of vibrant Fitzrovia is embarking on a major refurbishment that will see it shut to the public from the end of June until early summer 2016.

The task of finding a suitable alternative venue nearby for these evening pub-meets has fallen to the London Launch Party Team, the group responsible for organising many of the Doctor Who start-of-series parties for fans since 2005.

The College Arms (Credit: Jeremy Bentham)The new venue will be THE COLLEGE ARMS, Store Street, London WC1E 7DH, close to Goodge Street Underground Station. The first gathering will take place there on Thursday 2 July, from 6.00pm until late. Future evening gatherings will take place on the first Thursday of each month thereafter.

Launch Party founder Jeremy Bentham said:
Tavern nights were the original Doctor Who social media, and their history dates back to the mid-1970s. A once-a-month opportunity for fans and luminaries to hear and debate news and gossip, to exchange ideas, to be in the company of fellow fans, and to share our enthusiasm for all things Who. It’s a tradition that deserves to be continued unbroken.

Normal pub rules about being 18 or over to drink alcohol apply, but otherwise Tavern meets are evenings open to all. “If you’re a newcomer just wear a relevant T-shirt, fez, stick of celery or UNIT badge. You might not know too many faces to begin with – though you might recognise a few – but good conversation is never far away!”

(with thanks to Jeremy Bentham)

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