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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Reeltime’s Pictures cult range of Doctor Who interviews are being relaunched through a brand new website Time Travel TV.

Reeltime Pictures will be a name familiar to fans active in the 1980's. Formed in 1984 by former Celestial Toyroom editor and then BBC and Channel 4 employee Keith Barnfather, their remit was to produce high quality content for Doctor Who and Cult TV fans alike. Their direct to video output consisted of original drama, documentaries and Myth Makers - a series of in depth interviews with a whole host of classic Doctor Who stars hosted by Nick Briggs. In the days before YouTube and the internet, is was the only way for many fans to view interviews with the stars and producers of their favourite show.

The new site will initially feature fifty titles for fans to download, stream or purchase on DVD. Included in the initial releases is a brand new Myth Makers: A tribute to Anthony Ainley. With a further 11 titles - old and new - being added every month until the entire back catalogue is released.

Keith Barnfather explained
It would be an impossible undertaking to try and get them all online at the same moment. So what we wanted to do was give a nice big cross section available to start and then slowly release the rest. So people can dip in every month.
Reeltime have already recorded a series of brand new Myth Makers to be released over the coming months. As well as the Anthony Ainley tribute; interviews with special effects guru Mike Tucker, composer Dominic Glynn, seventies producer Graham Williams, writer David Fisher and many more are in the pipeline

Also available will be a number of rare curiosities that have remained unreleased until now including Sophie’s Choice, an early 90’s pilot for an unmade children's documentary series hosted by Sophie Aldred. Later this year will also see the release of a brand new drama from Reeltime, White Witch of Devils End. Another sequel spawned from The Dæmons, this six episode series stars Damaris Hayman reprising her role as Miss Hawthorne.

Later this year Reeltime plan to shoot several Myth Makers with actors from the new series of Doctor Who, hopefully done live at a convention.
What we’d like to do one day is offer live streaming. So if we were doing an event and interviewing people, you could subscribe for the day to actually watch all the programming live streamed. I’d love to put my feet up and watch something like that!
These future plans will only come to fruition if there is enough interest in this initial re-launch.

Full details on the Time Travel TV Website

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