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Monday, 8 July 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Fuse Box in Sydney, Australia is to play host to a new Doctor Who inspired stage production this coming September, as part of the 2013 Sydney Fringe.

Every Episode of Doctor Who Ever - Live on Stage (Credit: Pat Magee)Every Episode of Doctor Who Ever - Live on Stage

This September, three and a half comedians are going to definitely perform all 798 episodes of the world's longest running SF series.

Live on stage.

In an hour.
(This is, of course, impossible)

Join lifelong Who fan Pat Magee (Project 52, Pat & Carlo, Full Body Contact No Love Tennis) and his friends Rubee Sookee (The Bear Pack vs Cubs, FBCNLT), Ciaran Magee (Arts Revue 2012, Project 52, Pat's brother) and Nicholas "Amy" Pond (Charley's Aunt, Great Expectations, not Pat's brother) as they pay tribute to the greatest television show of all time and answer the first question, the oldest question, the question that must never be answered: "are you doing Dimensions in Time?"
(No. We're not.)

Performances take place at 9:30pm on Wednesday 11th and 18th September, and Thursday 12th and 19th September. More details can be found via the Sydney Fringe website.

(with thanks to Pat Magee, Dallas Jones)

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