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Monday, 10 September 2012 - Reported by Adam Kirk
Asylum of the Daleks has debuted in Australia to good ratings. The series debut averaged 549,000 viewers in the five major capital cities. Up against the football finals, it was the top-rating drama of the day and the eighth highest rating programme of the day overall. These figures follow the episode setting a daily viewer record for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation iView internet TV service, recording 75,900 plays on its first day. All episodes of series 7 will debut on iView immediately after their broadcast in the UK.

Fans have noted that when the weekly episode is on made available to viewers on Sundays via ABC iView, it is at approximately 5am or 6am local time - making it very close to the transmission time in the UK!

Media Links: TV Tonight, Sydney Morning Herald

(iView availability details with thanks to Christian Kent)