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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The titles of the first five episodes that make up the 2012 mini-season have now been confirmed:
No date has currently been given over when the series will return to television - Steven Moffat has simply reported that it will be "soon!"

Asylum of the Daleks had its press preview tonight, revealing a redesigned title sequence with updated logo and typography for this series. The episode has a running time of 50 minutes. After the preview, a Q&A session took place hosted by BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon, with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Caroline Skinner. Discussion included possible plans for live events to take place during the course the 50th Anniversary year, and that Matt Smith is contracted for further episodes.

The preview was attended by cast and crew, including 1980s co-star Nicola Bryant, who said: "fabulous opening, secret weapon is a big surprise, laughed & cried & held my breath! LOVEIT". The BBC have also published some photos from the evening.

Steven Moffat also featured as a guest on Richard Bacon's afternoon show, where the two discussed several subjects including the multitude of Daleks in the first episode and the history of the police box; however, Moffat refused to be drawn over the broadcasting plans for the series next year, or whether there would be a multi-Doctor story or not! However, he did confirm that an episode would be broadcast on the 50th Anniversary day itself.

Talking about the show's iconic status, he said:
It's an awful lot of work, but I can't complain about that because yes, it's everything I've ever wanted to do - anything anyone would want to do! People come onto our show, they want to go to the props department, they want to go and see the TARDIS, they want to go and see the set, it's not like being on any other show - it's like a privileged state visit or something, it's special!

At times it seems to be composed of icons, the Daleks are iconic, the police box, bizarrely, is iconic, the sonic screwdriver, all those things everyone recognises.
The full interview can be listened to via the BBC iPlayer (from 51:20) until the 21st August, in the DailyBacon BBC Podcast until 14th September, and a clip has also been made available via BBC News.

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