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Saturday, 10 December 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster

TARDIS Base - Issue 2

The second issue of the free online fanzine TARDIS Base is now available to either view online, or offline via a PDF version.

In this issue:
  • DECK THE TARDIS - With Christmas just around the corner, we take a look at the up-comming special, along with a countdown of our favourite Christmas specials from the past 6 years. There is also going to be a special festive edition of Off The Shelf with all the perfect gifts for us Whovians.
  • RIVERS AND PONDS - With Series 6 over, we look at the second half of the series, as well as all the revelations regarding River Song.
  • JUSTIN RICHARDS - We interview the amazingly talented author, Justin Richards.
  • I THINK WE NEED A MIRACLE! - With the fourth series of Torchwood over, we take a look back at the 10 episodes and give you our official verdict. Hit or miss? Find out. (We also take a look at the web-based app spin-off, Web of Lies)
  • THE END OF SJA - After the recent series of The Sarah Jane Adventures ended, we thought it was only right to say goodbye to Doctor Who's much loved spin-off.
  • WHO'S IN THE APP STORE? - We give you the low-down on what apps are out there for Whovians in the appstore!
  • THE BEAST'S DICTIONARY - In this exclusive feature, Guy Lancaster gives you a humorous look at the alphabet, according to the world of Doctor Who.
  • FANDAMONIUM - In this BRAND NEW FEATURE, it's your chance to have your fandom seen by the Whoniverse. We're kicking off the feature with a special look at never-before-seen pictures of conventions from the 80s (featuring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton and many more), as well as your costumes, drawings and creations.
All the latest news, The Notes, Planet of the Spiders in the The Vault, the Cybermen in the Monster Mash, and much more!

(with thanks to Ashley Mcloughlin)

Bandril and TOMTIT Issue 1

Two new fanzines are released together this weekend, and are available to pre-order from the Bandril blogsite.

BANDRIL Issue 1 (28 A4 Colour pages) features a brand new exclusive comic strip "Top of the Ponds" written and illustrated by David Carey, a review of Torchwood: Miracle Day, a review of Series 6 of Doctor Who, a "true-life" story called Looking for a chicken dinner, The Keys of Marinus comic strip by Paul Hanley, A look at the story of Regeneration, Love at first sight and Do you remember the first time? and all your latest communication in our Letterbox and much much less...

TOMTIT Issue 1 (24 A4 Colour pages) has an exclusive Ben Chatham story written by the legendary Sparacus called The Ghosts of Peversham Station, "All your planet are belong to us" is a story presented in the classic Doctor Who Annual format by Paul Hanley, an interview of UFO investigator Nick Pope by Richard Thomas, Are the right episodes lost? looking at the still missing 108 episodes of classic Doctor Who, A Love Letter to Character Options, TARDIS TV and much much less...

Both Issues will ship with a mystery FREE gift.
(with thanks to Scott Burditt)

FANWNAK Issue 2 - now free to read

FANWNAK has now been made available to read for free online - visit this link for more details.

(with thanks to Scott Burditt)

Panic Moon December Sale

During December the July and October editions of Panic Moon are available to buy at a reduced price, plus a discount on the next issue for January too - see the website for full details.

TARDIS Eruditorum

The acclaimed blog TARDIS Eruditorum, written by Philip Sandifer, has released a book version of its first set of essays, covering the William Hartnell era of Doctor Who story by story. TARDIS Eruditorum provides a comprehensive critical overview of Doctor Who that moves beyond received fan wisdom to tell the evolving story of one of the most important and remarkable pieces of popular culture ever created.

TARDIS Eruditorum has been hailed as “absolutely fascinating and hugely persuasive” by Robert Shearman, described as having “really serious and fascinating points to make about how television was made and viewed back in the 1960s” by Adventures with the Wife in Space, and characterized as “demented rubbish” by a random guy on the Internet.

The author, Philip Sandifer, holds a PhD in English focusing on film and media studies, and uses the blog to provide a complete reconceptualization of Doctor Who that acknowledges and takes seriously strands of thought and themes that have been marginalized by the fan orthodoxy represented in existing publications, revealing a show with startling and intriguing implications. Under his critical knife, Doctor Who becomes more than just a classic sci-fi show but a show that tells the story of an entire strain of mystical, avant-garde, and radical culture in Great Britain - a show that is quite literally about all of time and space, everything that ever happened, and everything that ever will.

This first volume covers every television story from An Unearthly Child to The Tenth Planet, and also includes fifteen essays on later books and audios set in the Hartnell era, other cultural events and television shows from the period, and on a variety of major topics raised by the Hartnell era. Among the topics raised in this volume are:
  • Whether The Celestial Toymaker - long one of the most beloved of Hartnell-era stories - is in fact an irredeemably racist mess.
  • How the epic The Daleks’ Masterplan is not, as often assumed, one twelve-part story but a sequence of four distinct stories that includes the preceding The Myth-Makers.
  • The way in which the Cybermen, as originally conceived, are not the clanking robots of later years but a terrifying challenge to the nature of humanity and society inspired as much by mysticism as by science.
  • The way in which the Daleks are not only brilliant monsters, but an outright attack on the very structure of the show.
The book is available to buy through Amazon.

(with thanks to Philip Sandifer)