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Thursday, 21 July 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
BBC Books have announced that they are to release a new past Doctor adventure called Harvest of Time, featuring both the Third Doctor and the Master; set on both 20th century Earth and far into the future, it will see the duo battling to save the universe – and facing the ultimate moral crisis.

The book is to be written by Alastair Reynolds, who having worked at the European Space Agency for over a decade has now turned to writing full time; he has won the British Science Fiction Award for Best Novel with Chasm City and shortlisted for the for the British Science Fiction and Arthur C Clarke awards with Revelation Space. He said:
Doctor Who has been a big part of my life for forty years. To put things into perspective, when I was little I did not want to go round to another boy's house because he had Dalek wallpaper, a concept I found unspeakably terrifying. I am delighted and honored to have the chance to write a novel featuring not only one of my favorite Doctors, but the single greatest villain ever imagined: The Master.

Editorial director of BBC Books, Albert DePetrillo, commented:
We've been carefully planning our venture into Doctor Who's past for a while now, first with our reissues of six of the Target novelisations, then our novelisation of Shada in 2012. The next step is all-original adventures with past Doctors, and we knew we needed to publish those in a special way. I'm absolutely delighted that Alastair can be part of that plan. He is simply one of the best science fiction writers around, and we're thrilled to have him contributing to the Doctor Who list.

Harvest of Time is due to be released in hardback in 2013.

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