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Thursday, 23 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Best Doctor Who Poems In The Universe is a new book to be released by GJB Publishing compiling a collection of poems and limericks from fans around the world. A wealth of subjects are covered, including the Doctor, the Master, Cybermen, Sarah Jane, Donna, K9, The Green Death, The Mara, Gallifrey, Delia Derbyshire, and Rose; plus, what it's like to be a Doctor Who fan!

The anthology is edited by Garry Vaux, who said:
Poetry isn’t necessarily something you associate with Doctor Who but since new Who came back it’s had an extra emotional element to it and with it’s action hero, the heartbreak, the fun, the scares and the thrills, it seems like an ideal subject for poetry.

The artwork is stunning and there are some wonderful poems from some very talented people. I hope it will encourage more wordsmiths and artists to put pen to paper.

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since childhood and it’s the only programme these days I watch religiously so I’m delighted to produce something to celebrate it in a different kind of way.
The book is available to buy from the publisher's website.

Read a sample poem here:
Time Loop, by Gerald Riley

In the constellation of Kasterborous,
There lies a special place.
Locked in time through the spoils of war,
One survivor - who changes his face.

He’s lived for over nine hundred years,
But perished after four knocks.
His name is heard throughout the universe.
This mad man with a box.

So whenever you travel in time and space,
Through the stars so wild and dangerous,
Listen for the echo of two beating hearts,
In the constellation of Kasterborous.

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