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Wednesday, 8 November 2000 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
 Roadshow Video has apparently issued a recall of the newly-released "The Tenth Planet" video, after fans noticed that the tape was missing the reconstructed episode 4. Only the three complete episodes of the serial were included on the tape. Further investigation reveals that Roadshow may have ordered the wrong tapes from the UK video library. This is apparently the second recent instance of an alteration to a BBC video; the Louise Jameson Multi-Coloured Swap Shop interview was previously omitted from the Australia/NZ release of "The Face of Evil". Paul Scoones of New Zealand fandom recently said on the Restoration Team forum: "Roadshow were sent two masters of [Face of Evil] tape, one with the interview, and one without. They were informed by the BBC that this was because the interview clip had not yet been cleared and that they would be instructed which tape to use when and if the clearances were obtained. The go-ahead was given to use the interview, Roadshow printed up the covers stating that the interview was included, but made a mistake and used the wrong master. Obviously the situation is somewhat different with "The Tenth Planet" as there was of course no uncertainty as to whether a 3 or 4 part version would be released, but Roadshow were apparently completely unaware they'd duplicated an incomplete master tape and it's now costing them to perform a recall and reduplication. It doesn't seem at all likely that they deliberately removed the fourth episode (they didn't remove the reconstructed episodes of The Ice Warriors, so why now?)." Also, the clip of Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant from "Saturday Superstore" included in the UK version of "Attack of the Cybermen," the companion video in the two-tape box/tin set, was not included in the Aus/NZ release, most likely due to rights.

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