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2/14/2012 11:14:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Matt Smith spoke to the Guardian about returning for a new series of Doctor Who, which starts filming from 20th February; he said: I'll be shooting sort of now until December on Doctor Who. It's a long shoot, but we've got four or five scripts which look in really good shape, and the casting is going very well - I had a lovely bit of news this morning, actually, about someone who's going to be in it, I couldn't possibly tell you but it's exciting. You'll know him ... or her! Looking forward to it, I love making it."

The director for the first block of the new series has been named as Saul Metzstein, whose previous work includes the BBC's 2010 revival of Upstairs Downstairs (The Cuckoo), 2009's dramatisation of Sinclair/Acorn micro 'war' of the 1980s in Micro Men, and his award-winning comedy Late Night Shopping from 2001 (for which he won Best Director in the BAFTA Scotland awards).

During an interview published in the University Observer on the 8th February, lead writer Steven Moffat commented on production of the new series: "We just had our official day commencing pre-production on Doctor Who, so as for knowing when it's actually going to be shown is a little bit optimistic. But we'll definitely show it, and I'm pretty sure it will be the autumn." And on Amy and Rory's departure: I'm writing that right now, the big Rory and Amy heartbreaking finale. It will be quite heartbreaking, I think you’ll be in trouble watching it."

The series will be produced at the the BBC's Roath Lock Drama Village in Cardiff Bay. The site is to have its official opening in March, and has already been awarded a Breeam outstanding certificate - the first industrial complex in the UK to receive the highest possible environmental rating. The old port area surrounding it is to be further redeveloped, creating new shops, restaurants and homes. Business Minister Edwina Hart said: "Porth Teigr represents a long term investment by the Welsh government in the future of Cardiff our capital city and 2012 promises to be a significant year as we enter the next phase of regeneration and development. The presence of the BBC Wales studios provides a strong focal point around which we want to create a central hub and cluster for the creative industries across South Wales where companies can work together, share ideas and develop collaborative links with other facilities in the area." [BBC News, 13 Feb 2012]