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2/08/2012 06:31:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Writing team: Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall, Toby Whithouse, Mark Gatiss, John FayThe writing team for the next series of Doctor Who sees the return of two of the Matt Smith era's established contributors.

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine (on general release from tomorrow) reports that Chris Chibnall and Toby Whithouse form part of the team under the watchful gaze of lead writer Steven Moffat. Chibnall contributed to inaugural Matt Smith series with the two part The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, with Whithouse writing for both that first series with The Vampires of Venice followed by last year's The God Complex.

The two join the unconfirmed writers Mark Gatiss and John Fay. Gatiss was responsible for the eleventh Doctor's first encounter with his old enemies in Victory of the Daleks, and last year's Night Terrors. This new series will be Fay's first script for Doctor Who, having written previously for Torchwood's Children of Earth and Miracle Day.

Though there has been no formal announcement over how the series will be structured, Whithouse was a guest at last weekend's SFX Weekender, mentioning that his script was currently planned as the third episode - though the story order is not necessarily set in stone, as seen with Night Terrors and Curse of the Black Spot last year.

Rehearsals for the new series begin next week (at least for Matt Smith!).