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8/03/2014 01:48:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Fans in New Zealand will get the chance to watch the new series premiere Deep Breath only a few hours after its broadcast in the United Kingdom as some cinemas will present the episode on Sunday 24th August at 10:00am - taking into account time zone differences between the two countries, New Zealand cinema-goers might well be the first to see the debut of the new Doctor outside of Europe!

Hoyts Cinemas will present the same premiere package as with other countries outside of the UK (i.e. the 'prequel' and behind-the-scenes footage but no Q&A), showing at various times during the course of the Sunday; for example Te Awa (Hamilton) has showings at 10:00am, 4:10pm and 6:30pm, whilst Sylvia Park (Auckland) has showings at 10:00am, 4:30pm and 6:40pm; others such have Northlands only has one showing at 2:00pm - see the cinema website for overall availability.

Following the unprecedented success of the 50th anniversary special in cinemas around the globe, BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce a unique big-screen opportunity for the special feature-length first episode of series 8 launching Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

Set in Victorian London, episode 1 reunites the newly regenerated Doctor and returning companion, Clara, with series regulars and fan favourites, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. The episode will be approximately 80’ in duration and has been specially created to celebrate the launch of series 8, which represents another a key milestone for the Doctor Who brand: the first full length episode with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. In addition to the main feature, which like the 50th anniversary episode will also be available on TV, cinemas will be offered 15 minutes of exclusive content; 5 minutes of specially scripted content to play before the feature and 10 minutes of behind the scenes post the main feature.

Episode 1 provides the ideal jumping on point for new audiences and an exciting moment in Doctor Who’s history for dedicated fans.

There will be 15 minutes of content exclusive to cinemas this will include:
1 x 5 min scripted drama written by Steven Moffat
1 x 10 min behind the scenes of the series

Update: Event Cinemas will also be showing the episode at various times during the day and following week in local theatres - see their website for times and booking.

Broadcaster PRIME have yet to confirm a transmission date and time for the episode, though if scheduled in a similar fashion to the four debuts of the last couple of series Doctor Who would likely be at 8:30pm on a Thursday evening, starting on the 28th August or 4th September.