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8/01/2014 08:35:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Deep Breath in Canada cinemas poster (Credit: Cineplex)Fans in Canada will be able to watch Deep Breath on the big screen in participating cinemas across the country via Cineplex. The new Doctor's first adventure (and its associated cinema extras) will be shown twice during the week after its premiere on television, with presentations on Monday 25th August at 7:30pm and on Saturday 30th August at 12:55pm.

A full list of cinemas can be found on the Cineplex website, where you can also book tickets.

This fall, Doctor Who re-launches with a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi (In the Loop, World War Z), at the helm of the TARDIS and a thrilling new adventure through space and time. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience Doctor Who for the first time or for long-time fans to be a part of this highly anticipated season premiere! The electrifying episode will be shown in cinemas and will also include 15 minutes of exclusive bonus content. Capaldi will be joined by companion Jenna Coleman (Captain America: The First Avenger) in what promises to be the most amazing Doctor Who adventure yet, a brand new beginning for a legendary series! The 80-minute adventure, presented in theatrical widescreen (2.35:1) only in cinemas, will also feature a specially shot, 5-minute prequel scene, preceding the premiere, and also a 10-minute “making of” documentary immediately following the event, both exclusive to cinemas.