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4/04/2013 10:20:00 pm - Reported by Paul Scoones

This month sees the publication of Nemesis of the Daleks, the fifteenth volume in the ongoing series of Doctor Who Graphic Novels, published by Panini Books. The Graphic Novels are collections of comic strips that originally appeared in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and other related titles.

Nemesis of the Daleks, named after the book’s opening strip, is the second volume of Seventh Doctor comic strips (picking up where A Cold Day in Hell!, published in 2009, left off). The stories in this collection originally appeared in 1989 and 1990. At that time the strips not only ran in Doctor Who Magazine but also in a second Marvel Comics UK title, The Incredible Hulk Presents. Comic strips from both titles are included in this book, with a number of stories reproduced for the first time since their original publication.

The book includes the popular ‘back up’ strips featuring Abslom Daak from 1980 issues of Doctor Who Weekly and Doctor Who Monthly, to tie-in with the character’s appearance in the Nemesis of the Daleks story. There is also a detailed commentary by former Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman, featuring input from the writers, artists and editors who worked on these strips, with reproduced script pages and rough pencil drawings.

Here is the full list of strips included in the graphic novel. (Titles marked * are reprinted for the first time in this collection.)
  • Nemesis of the Daleks (Doctor Who Magazine #152-155)
  • Stairway to Heaven (Doctor Who Magazine #156) *
  • Once in a Lifetime (The Incredible Hulk Presents #1)
  • Hunger from the Ends of Time! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #2-3)
  • War World! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #4)
  • Technical Hitch (The Incredible Hulk Presents #5)
  • A Switch in Time! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #6)
  • The Sentinel! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #7) *
  • Who’s that Girl! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #8-9) *
  • The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the Wise (The Incredible Hulk Presents #10) *
  • Slimmer! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #11) *
  • Nineveh! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #12) *
  • Train-Flight (Doctor Who Magazine #159-161)
  • Doctor Conkerer! (Doctor Who Magazine #162)
  • Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer (Doctor Who Weekly #17-20)
  • Star Tigers (Doctor Who Weekly #27-30, Doctor Who Monthly #44-46)