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8/17/2012 07:57:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The Audit Bureau of Circulations have now released statistics relating to the distribution figures of magazines for the first half of 2012, which includes details relating to both official publications, Doctor Who Magazine (Panini) and Doctor Who Adventures (BBC).

When compared to previous periods, the data reveals how the average circulation trends have fared:

 Jul-Dec 2009Jan-Jun 2010Jul-Dec 2010Jan-Jun 2011Jul-Dec 2011Jan-Jun 2012
Doctor Who Magazine29,00035,374 (+22%)33,554 (-5.1%)30,682 (-8.6%)30,614 (-0.2%)27,089 (-11.5%)
Doctor Who Adventures44,66453,559 (+20%)56,648 (+5.8%)50,013 (-11.7%)48,470 (-3.1%)31,903 (-34.2%)
Figures: Audit Bureau of Circulations

Whilst figures indicate a regular decline in readership since the boost thanks to Matt Smith's arrival in 2010, the last six months have shown a significant reduction with both magazines dipping to below their circulation prior to Smith's debut year. This trend might well indicate the impact of not having a regular series to tune into - in particular, Doctor Who Adventures, aimed for a younger readership, showed a loss of over a third of its readers! However, the imminent return of Doctor Who to our screens might well improve circulation for the latter half of the year, with those figures due out in February.

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