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3/13/2012 05:06:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Following uncertainty about the funding of the charity book, Behind the Sofa, as reported this morning by several press outlets including BBC Radio 5, the publisher Steve Berry and PayPal have reached a compromise which should see the charity book published, on time, later this year.

In a joint statement PayPal apologised to Berry for the way they handled payments for the book. They say they are working with Berry to make sure funds are released as they are needed to pay the publisher and other suppliers.

PayPal explained that they placed restrictions on Berry’s account because the payments were received months before the book was available. This was in line with their policy of protecting buyers in case they don’t receive goods that they have pre-ordered. However they admit they should have explained things better and worked more quickly to find a sensible compromise to ensure the success of the good cause.

For his part Steve Berry said he was delighted that PayPal have responded to his concerns about the handling of the account being used to fund the production of the Behind The Sofa book. He said 'We have now come to an amicable resolution and I look forward to publishing the book and fulfilling all the orders placed by generous Doctor Who fans.'