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1/05/2012 01:51:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

United Kingdom

Doctor Who's long association with Ealing and its studios is recounted, not to mention other monstrous encounters: "One of the quirkier connections between the Doctor and Ealing has been discovered with some archives pictures showing Cybermen, one of the show’s most iconic baddies, taking to the streets of Ealing. But as alien invasions go this one appears to be fairly low-key, with the robotic monstrosities captured in what appears to be a friendly encounter with 10-year-old Doctor Who fan Anthony King. In another image, they are seen waiting for a bus. One can only assume their spaceship was undergoing repairs at the time." [Ealing Gazette, 2 Jan 2012]

Aberkenfig resident Gareth Griffiths has had a newspaper article tatooed on his arm as a tribute to his father who died when he was very young. David Griffiths was a BBC employee in the 1960s and dressed as a Dalek in local Llandaff publicity by the Echo for a forthcoming Doctor Who film. [South Wales Echo, 4 Jan 2012]

Portland's Southwell Primary School has a permanent Dalek in residence, a result of a year-long project by parent Roy Porter. The Mk-1 version 'lives' outside Headteacher Stuart McLeod's office - the dedicated Doctor Who fan said: "In nearly all of the schools I have worked in I have converted a cupboard into a TARDIS. So many children and adults love Doctor Who it is great to see them smile when they see my office. A school should be fun and a TARDIS is a great place to learn." [View Online, 30 Dec 2011]


Geoff Campbell from Toowoomba has built his own police box which has become something of a neighbourhood favourite; wife Kate said: "We had a couple of Mormons who came to knock on our door and all they wanted to talk about was how much they loved Dr Who. I must admit there are times when I do feel a little bit embarrassed by my husband's geekiness, but I am very proud of him as well." [Toowoomba Chronicle, 5 Jan 2012]