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9/07/2011 01:55:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Details for the third Doctor Who Companion volume covering the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor have been released by Doctor Who Magazine. This edition features the first four episodes of the 2011 series, The Impossible Astronaut to The Doctor’s Wife , plus the 2010 Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol; it also covers the 2010 Prom, Doctor Who Live, and the Comic Relief special, Space/Time.

The magazine will be published on 8th September 2011.

The Doctor Who Companion
The Eleventh Doctor
Volume Three

Your complete guide to the award-winning BBC One series!
Written and researched by Andrew Pixley.

The 2011 season of Doctor Who began in the most dramatic way possible – by killing off the Doctor in the first episode! Unaware of his ultimate fate, the Doctor (Matt Smith) was reunited with his friends, newlyweds Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory Pond (Arthur Darvill) and together they embarked on an incredible series of adventures in time and space. Their journey took them from the Utah desert to beyond the universe, and saw encounters with River Song, President Nixon, the Silence, pirates, a Siren... and even the Doctor’s wife!

Now, Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes of these astonishing episodes with an in-depth episode guide – including original storylines, deleted scenes, media appearances, ratings information and hundreds of facts about the day-to-day life of the making of Doctor Who – all illustrated with gorgeous, never-before-seen photographs. This collectors’ edition examines the 2010 Special A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot and The Doctor’s Wife, as well as the 2010 Doctor Who Prom, the spectacular stage show Doctor Who Live, and the Comic Relief Special Space/Time.

This is your essential guide to the worlds of Doctor Who.
Get ready to discover a wealth of information – and remember, silence will fall...