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4/21/2011 04:01:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

BBC Worldwide have revealed the results of a poll undertaken to see where readers of Doctor Who Adventures would like the TARDIS to land:

Doctor Who fans want to see TARDIS in Olympic adventure

For a machine capable of travelling through time and space in seconds, the 100 metres or high jump should be a breeze for the TARDIS, as a survey of Doctor Who fans reveals the place they would most like to see the time machine land is the Olympic Stadium, Stratford, London.

In a poll of 1,428 BBC Magazines readers, conducted for Doctor Who Adventures Magazine, 21% of respondents said the Olympic Stadium was the place they would most like to see the TARDIS land, beating off competition from the pyramids (13%), with music festival Glastonbury coming third with 11%. This was followed by next weekend’s Royal Wedding (10%) and then the Silverstone Grand Prix (6%).

The new issue of Doctor Who Adventures (214), features a competition for readers to submit photos of the TARDIS in the "craziest place imaginable", with the chance to win a Sony Cyber-Shot camera. Full details of the competition are in the magazine.

Of course, the Doctor has already visited the Olympic Stadium on screen, with his tenth incarnation arriving in time for the Opening Ceremony (Fear Her, 2006). Indeed, it was the Doctor himself who saved the Games by carrying the Torch to its final destination - and lighting the Olympic Flame!