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4/04/2011 03:57:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Promotion for the series has begun in the United States, with Starz broadcasting a teaser trailer on their channel over this weekend; this coincides with the launch of their official Torchwood site. The teaser is also available on their website - however, this may only be viewed by those within the United States (though may be watched globally via io9).

Additionally, some clips from the series formed part of a promotional showreel for Starz shows.
The clips include Rex firing a machine gun from the back of a jeep on the beach in Wales, an explosion behind Gwen, Jack brandishing a gun, and Gwen holding a rocket launcher over her shoulder.

Since Starz announced the launch date in the United States for Friday 8th July, UKTV have now confirmed that they will bring the series to Australia immediately afterwards - this suggests the weekend 9th/10th July. The United Kingdom premier is also widely expected for that weekend, too, though BBC schedules are unlikely to be confirmed until around a fortnight before broadcast.

However, those subscribing to the streaming service Netflix are unlikely to be able to see the show immediately, as a change of policy by Starz that comes into operation today means that their output will be delayed for some ninety days before being made available (see the LA Times for more details).

Production-wise, filming this week included scenes for episode seven, with a return to the Willow Studios and surrounding areas, as well as on the Warner Bros lot. The series is being recorded in a way to enable it to be "printed" in an optimised form for transmission in any country it is sold to. Director of Photography Nathaniel Goodman explained: "We're shooting on the Arri Alexa, recording 4444 that will be broadcast Rec709 1080 HD.".

The BBC Production Office also reported on Thursday that the music for this series would be undertaken by Doctor Who's stalwart composer, Murray Gold - he wrote the original theme for the series, and contributed to a number of earlier episodes of the series.

Times cited within reports below are in Los Angeles local time, except where indicated

Monday - Tuesday

Filming for the first couple of days wasn't clear, but indications were that preparations for episode seven were well under way to commence with a night shoot on Tuesday evening. This was also Cris D'Annunzio's first evening, who seemed quite taken with John Barrowman!

28 10:07 ST  Monday morning beautiful sunny day.
             All is peaceful as we shoot and continue to prep biggest ep yet!!!
28 10:24 ST  That could mean so many things...explosives? Very emotional? Special effects?
             All of the above? 
             Yes yes yes
28 13:28 CDA Costume fitting for Torchwood.
29 09:32 JE  Watching Torchwood dailies.  Oh my.  Oh my my my. 
29 16:45 CDA Night shoot on set of Torchwood where I will have it out with the
             talented and handsome, John Barrowman.
30 08:20 CDA Great first night on set of Torchwood. What a terrific group of people!
             And yes, John Barrowman is dreamy. 
30 11:02 CDA Seems I'm not alone in my warm feelings for Mr. Barrowman.
             Not Surprising. I'm upgrading him from dreamy to luscious. Uh-oh!!


Documentation for today indicated that a three-day shoot was planned at 1335 Willow Street, the address being home to the Willow Studios, which provide a number of pre-designed sets for the filming profession (bars, restaurants, apartments, etc.) - the studios had also played hot to a photo-shoot a few weeks before.

BBC Production Office (via
The BBC Production Office praised costume designer Shawna Trpcic for her episode seven costumes by the BBC:
13:34 Costume Designer Shawna Trpcic, has yet again kicked ass
      as seen in her designs from EP7. You Go Girl!
13:36 You can't help but love her, trust us, the feeling
      doesn't go away.

Meanwhile, the weather in Los Angeles was keeping other members of the team happy!
16:02 KO  Oh my lord it's lovely in LA.
          The weather is outstanding.
          I'm having an iced tea! Could get used to this life.
16:12 BBC Kai Bring some tea to the office would ya?!
          Enjoy the day. 
21:23 KO  Tonights snack is good old fashioned Beef Jerky.
          I bought it from the farmers Market today, it immense,
          addictive as hell.
21:28 DE  First warm evening here in ages leads to gaudy sunset. 

22:01 KO  How's the family? did you bring the little one to the set?
          We're all great thank you, he's not been on set yet!! Maybe one day.

Another night shoot beckons ...
17:03 BBC We're going deep into the night this week... deep into the night.


Thursday's shoot included filming somewhere close to the Dodger's Stadium, according to Cris D'Annunzio, whilst Allyson Floyd indicated somewhere dim, dank and cold underground - with multiple shoots in progress these could be completely different locations, of course!

The Wales Screen Commission also commented on filming: "Just heard from one of the Torchwood crew that's seen the first episode, and they say it looks AMAZING, like a tourist video for Wales!!!"

On the Torchwood set, by Cris D'Annunzio (via yfrog)
04:19 AF  OMG, calltime at 6:30 AM!  For some reason,
          I thought it was PM!  O_O  No sleep!  Gaaaaaaah! 
07:51 CDA I may be able to hear the game as our Torchwood set
          is on location today next to Dodger's Stadium.
          Or at least hear the crowd.
09:28 CDA It's always exciting working with John Barrowman,
          so I probably won't be thinking about the game at all! 
11:06 AF  Dim, dank and cold underground while
          the sun shines outside. Must... stay... awake.  >_<
12:54 CDA I will be seen in Torchwood: Miracle Day, episode 7.
          Will post more details later.  Thanks!
16:14 CDA Dodgers open in 45 min. and already signs of bonehead
          mngmt decisions.  Russell Martin?  Hello?
01:01 CDA Sure, Katie, I will pass along your love to John
01:17 CDA @Katie Just wrapped filming for tonight.
          Home to sleep! 
01:19 CDA @Katie - And JB appreciates your love & support.
          Me too! G'night!


Filming for Friday was documented as 590 South Santa Fe Avenue, which turned out to be a lot and warehouses just around the corner to the Willow Studios!

However, it was a production office 'tour' from Shawna Trpcic for today's TW-Spy!

What can you see in my photo?
Thats how we work so many hours :-)
(via Twitpic)

View from my desk beautiful California summer weather
(via Twitpic)


Photo: Kai Owen
(via yfrog)
It would seem that Tom Price has arrived in L.A.!

01 20:20 KO  A cracking week! Now for a few beers and some Thai food.
             Big game for United this weekend, HAVE to win -
             no messing at all. 
03 09:50 TP  Reading TW scripts. AWESOME. Sadly no mention of what
             an immortal populace would do to the charity shop industry.
03 15:30 KO  Look who's in my house playing with my childs toy!!! 
03 18:37 TP  Jane, I am distracted from learning your writing
             by your tweets. How META am I?!

Key to initials: AF - Allyson Floyd (stand-in); BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); CDA - Cris D'Annunzio; DE - Doris Egan; JE - Jane Espenson (writer); KO - Kai Owen (Rhys); ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer); TP - Tom Price (Andy)

Week Thirteen sees the publicity campaign begin in earnest, with BBC Worldwide promoting the series at the Cannes MIPTV 2011 event; the presentation will also include both John Barrowman and Bill Pullman there to promote the new series (see the press release for full details). It is expected that the publicity photos taken over the last few weeks will be released shortly after the event!