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10/26/2010 11:47:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

It was back to Cardiff today, with filming taking place in two locations during the course of the day.

The daytime hours were spent at the Coal Exchange near Cardiff Bay - a frequent interior location for the series, used most recently for the forthcoming 2010 Christmas Special!

The evening saw activity switch to Cardiff city centre, focussing around the streets just south of the New Theatre, Crockherbtown Lane and Park Place - another venue that has cropped up in past adventures. The following photos capture the transformation from Cardiff to the currently filming story's required setting!

The story, being set in 1960s America, seems to require the recreation of a New York street, with the lane decked out with a number of American icons like hydrants and phone booths. A yellow cab was also on location (having also been seen during the day down the Bay), and the Thistle car park and road opposite the lane transformed into 44th Street.

One scene filmed involved a tramp running past the taxi.

Matt, Karen and Alex Kingston had been seen during the day, and a young girl was also present at both locations.