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10/19/2010 01:41:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

After a quiet start to the episode one/two recording block last week, the cast and crew were finally seen in public once more tonight, with filming taking place at an unfinished building on West Bute Street, at Cardiff Bay. The evening saw scenes taking place with guest stars Alex Kingston and Mark Sheppard.

They'd been setting up all day on the corner of West Bute Street in what looked like the shell of a new block of flats. Greeenscreen in front.

The scene they filmed was reminiscent of the pre-titles to "The Time of Angels"; River Song being cornered by blokes in suits, with guns pointed at her, before managing to escape.

Mark Sheppard: "Stop! Don't move!"
River: "There are loads of them, They're everywhere"
Mark Sheppard: "America is being invaded!"
River: "America was invaded a long time ago, America is occupied"
[River moves back a little more]
Mark Sheppard: "Don't move! There's no way out!"
River: [something that sounded like] "Oh really?"

She then falls off the edge! The stunt woman took over at this point, and surprisingly they only did it once, after which the cast, crew and Alex gave a big applause to the stunt lady.

Tonight's filming was preceeded by two additional filming shoots, once on St. Mary's Street in Cardiff centre at Le Monde, and the other at old filming haunt the Glamorgan Building at Cardiff University.

Filming at Le Monde appeared to feature people in 1960s American fashion, as seen in these photos:

Filming at the Glamorgan Building involved a corridor with a red carpet, with more extras wearing sixties clothes and carrying American flags.