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9/06/2010 01:30:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Doctor WhoFilming starts in Cardiff at 8am Monday morning, on the 2011 series of Doctor Who, the sixth since the series returned in 2005 and the 32nd since the series began in 1963.

The first production block is believed to consist of Episodes Three and Four, both directed by Richard Clark who returns to the series after a gap of three years. Production will start with Episode Three, penned by Neil Gaiman.

Gaiman attended the read through of the episode last month and wrote on his blog
The table read was pretty amazing, the guest star or stars will be fabulous, Matt's great, Arthur's wonderful and I never got to say hullo to Karen (who was amazing).

Filming for the series is expected to continue over the next few months at various locations in South Wales and Western England. For the latest infomation on the 2011 Series see our Series Guide.

Matt Smith has been spending the break since the filming of the Christmas Special holidaying on the Spanish island of Ibiza and looking for a new place to live on Barry Island, both activities heavily documented by the British tabloid press.

Karen Gillan has also had every move followed by the press with the Daily Mail reporting on such events as the actress dropping her phone while shopping in London.