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6/27/2010 01:39:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who: The Big BangPress reaction to the 2010 series finale of Doctor Who, The Big Bang, has started to appear on the internet.

One of the most high-concept Doctor Who episodes ever, is how The Telegraph describes the episode, with its reviewer praising Matt Smith as superb.

The Guardian Blog calls this finale brilliant, a classic modern fairytale unfolding before our eyes and easily the most sentimentally charged finale we've had yet.

Metro goes trawling Twitter for fans reaction to the story and finds positive comments. It describes it a thrilling climax to the series which captivated and confused in equal measure. says it was an exhilarating Doctor Who finale after a somewhat mixed run, while Unreality Shout says the episode was stunning, and closes off an incredible series of Doctor Who. It praises Matt Smith as simply brilliant and says Karen Gillan and her little cousin Caitlin Blackwood were fantastic together.

Anglotopia says it was a whirlwind episode which didn't disappoint and Den of Geek loved the episode even though it made the reviewer's head hurt. They call Steven Moffat something of a genius as he "peppered his script with quotable quips and lines, and ended his maiden run in the showrunner chair with some marvellous work with Amy Pond."